High Street Cuts Xbox 360 Memory Cost

It's been revealed today, in a not unprecedented move from the High Street and online retailer, that Argos has slashed the retail price of Xbox 360 storage devices, most notably the Xbox 360's 120GB Hard-Disk Drive (HDD) accessory. Previously retailing for the already competitive price of £87.99, Argos has today lowered their price to only £67.99.

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GWAVE4269d ago

So, it just went from "unbelievably overpriced" to "still pretty dang overpriced".

dragunrising4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

Your comment is irrelevant and inflammatory; the typical garbage your known for. Everyone knows the 360 hard drive prices are too much. ANY price drop is a good price drop

With the release of 360 games "On Demand," M$ should slash the prices of hard drives drastically. Business wise it makes sense to make hard drives more affordable; the more space, the less conscious about making "larger" purchases. I would like to see the 60 GB hard drive for $50 and the 120 GB for $80-100. I think more people could justify the upgrade.

y0haN4269d ago

That's nothing, I saw the 120GB in HMV for (not joking) £20. I feel stupid for not buying them!

Bnet3434269d ago

If you buy an Arcade SKU you deserve to get ripped off. That's the only SKU that doesn't bring an HDD.

robep34269d ago a 320gb for PS3 a few months back for £49.95 and can now get a 500gb for about £82.99.

Lifendz4269d ago

I got a 180hdd off of NewEgg for a fraction of that price.

cRaZyLeGs 934269d ago

Get one off ebay for less. Still "only £67.99" is a joke.

JoySticksFTW4269d ago

Also, Xbox 360 Arcade units for $170 @

you need a coupon though. Just google Dell coupons for the deal.

I got lucky and was shipped a Jasper just today. PS360 now :)

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Cajun Chicken4269d ago

Hmm. £68 isn't that bad, not great but a lot better in price. With game installs that stop the airport noise of the system and my growing XBLA titles since last Summer, I could do with a new Harddrive. 20GB isn't doing the job anymore.

Just for research, is there any way I can back my saves up?

crck4269d ago

Yeah I think you can opt to buy one of their ridiculously expense memory cards.

Johnny Jiron4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

That let you store saves onto a PC. Pretty cheap also. If you need to transfer to a different hard-drive tho you will need the transfer kit which I think you can order free online.

Anyhow I need to increase my hard-drive size also. Dunno if I wanna just get the 120gb or risk making my own cheaper/bigger hard-drive.

Dunno how well it all works and what you're allowed to do with it but you need to purchase a memory card also. There's also the spendier one that connects to the normal xbox harddrive.

Capt CHAOS4269d ago

So you can transfer all of your content to the new HD.

green4269d ago

That should be the standard price for the HDD.

Mindboggle4269d ago

It should be prices like any other hdd. You can get a 300gb PS3 hardrive for like £60, so its just a rip off.

Dude4204269d ago

Think about it, if they lowered the price of harddrives, then there would be no point on purchasing an xbox bundled with a hard drive.

Say if a 120GB HDD is lowered to $120, would you buy an arcade and that for $320 or an Elite for $400.

Topshelfcheese4269d ago

Well I refuse to buy XBLA games until its a reasonable price to upgrade the HDD, PSN can have all my money until than.

Marty83704269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )


I paid £67 for a 320Gb for my PS3 a year and a half ago.

BTW it's storage not memory.

Bladestar4269d ago

ok... I understand people do not see the xbox 360 hard drive as a proprietary memory unit that allow users to carry their game saves and move it between consoles unlike the PS3.

I also understand that the price is not comparable to the hard drives the PS3 can use...

but please stop mentioning the PS3 when it comes to hard drives to show how you can get a bigger hard drive for less!

First of all Sony unlike with the PS2 made the PS3 hard drive standard and mandatory because without the hard drive the PS3 would not function.. thanks to blu-ray.. mandatory installs and PS3 OS.

This is the reason why I own only 3 games for my PS3(80GB) and the system is using like 45GB for no parent reason (1-2 demos)... yet I own like 30 xbox 360 and my 120GB hard drive is only using like 35GB with many many more demos and arcade games.

a 120GB hard drive in the xbox 360 translate to a 800GB hard drive in the PS3 simply because of the huge difference in how the PS3 uses the hard drive in comparison to the xbox 360.

So... yeah... you want to talk about the xbox 360 memory unit being more expensive than other 3rd party hard drives? OK I get that... it's what companies do.

Sony sells their Sony branded memory SD cards more expensive than other SD cards... Sony sells their PS3 remote more expensive than other PC remotes that in many cases seem to be better made.

meatnormous4269d ago

Just with a $5.00 flash drive. Unless the game save is locked like they are in KZ2.

Revvin4269d ago

Its about time the prices dropped. I have an Elite so already have a 120GB HDD but I have mates who now want to upgrade and won't pay the ridiculous price for the HDD's. I recently bought a 500GB HDD for my PS3 for just over £80 so while the price is a lot better its still rather high. If Microsoft really want to push digital distribution they should lower the prices of their HDD's instead of keeping them high and reaming their loyal customers who may want to follow Microsoft's digital distribution plan.

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