Geometry Wars 2 secretly being developed?

It looks like the chances of seeing a sequel to the stupidly addictive Xbox Live Arcade shooter Geometry Wars are quite good, if Bizarre Creations' reaction to CVG's queries this afternoon are anything to go by.

When they asked Boom Boom Rocket masterminds Sam Hall and Nick Bygrave if we'll see more of the psychedelic shooter in the future, they replied simply with shared looks, giggles and a hushed response "we can't say anything about that". It's blatantly coming then.

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ryanjtravis4266d ago

Hell yes indeed! Geometry Wars is hands-down my favorite XBLA title to date - I'd love to see what they come up with for a sequel. :)

JIN KAZAMA4266d ago

THats so dumb, its a game people. yea SECRETLEY, along with the successor to the F-22 Raptor and the successor to the Eurofighter. Ridiculous. I am not saying this cuz its 360, i just hate when its described like that, i would think the same if it were said about MGS4.

snoop_dizzle4265d ago

i want to play this game.

zonetrooper54265d ago

I would buy this game straight away, Geo Wars 1 was awesome and its still one of the best arcade games out.