Faceoff: inFAMOUS vs Prototype

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"It's never easy when two products of similar themes get released around the same time period. Whether it be Deep Impact and Armageddon, Dante's Peak and Volcano, or Mall Cop and Observe and Report. No matter what, the two will always be compared, and the cold hard truth is that one is destined to be better than the other.

Such was the case with Mays release of Sucker Punch's superhero open world game inFAMOUS, and Radical Entertainments similarly themed open world game, Prototype, release in June, just two weeks after inFAMOUS hit store shelves.

Starting now, every week we'll present you with a new Faceoff pitting two similarly themed games against one another, and objectively weighing their pros and cons from main character, to gameplay, to graphics, and deciding the victor. Face off begins now!"

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The_Darkest_Red5482d ago

This is getting so old... why can't these games just coexist?

Anyway, I have played Infamous until I got the platinum and I have no desire to play another superhero open world game for a good while because it completely quenched my thirst for the genre.

Prototype looks ok to me but honestly doesn't seem to have near the charm or character of Infamous. I feel like Sucker Punch just cared a lot more about their product as it is they only thing they have made this gen.

DasBunker5482d ago

yeah i tought we were over this a long time ago..

infamous was a pleasent surprise and prototype wasnt bad but didnt rape infamous in anyway as fanboys claimed... funny how after infamous got released and reviews for both games started rolling in, fanboys went "shhhhhh" about this lol

UnSelf5482d ago

It seems judging by ppl's comments, more than 3/4th of this site has ONLY PLAYED InFamous. Within that 75 percentage, 99% of those ppl talk bad about Prototype.

Guys in all unbiased seriousness........... Prototype is really fun.

I kid you not.

Buy it one day down the road. blah blah blah i dont wanna hear abuot system wars right now, just do that and buy a slurpee, then enjoy.

uie4rhig5481d ago

ain't bad at all.. not what many people have made it out to be! not so far in the game yet, but it's really good.. not open world GTA SA good.. but really good game! i cant judge infamous coz i haven't played it lol.. well aside from the demo but i aint gonna judge based on sooooo little!

Chubear5481d ago

If you want to really enjoy Prototype then don't play Infamous first before this game or else so many irritating things about the game will stick out like a massive sore thumb and somethings will look like an utter joke after playing Infamous (eg. scaling up buildings in Prototype or graphical look in areas).

Prototype is a fun game but Infamous clearly has way more quality in every department (except for perhaps gore scenes) so I'd recommend renting Prototype first then buying Infamous cause with Infamous you have more replay value and it doesn't get old. With Prototype, once you're done, you don't feel compelled to do it all over again.

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WildArmed5482d ago

some1 needs to go die.

If game A is great, game B is great.. why the hell do u have to compare em?

they are both great -.-

stupid flame bait articles.

btw, the article is nicely written I will give it that much ^^ really detailed

Figboy5482d ago

and i just wanted to be as objective and thorough about the games as possible, instead of spouting off nonsensical gibberish in an attempt to sound "edgy," and "funny," *cough*Destructoid*cough*

like i said in my post below, i paid hard earned cash for both inFAMOUS and Prototype within a three week period, and i wanted to share my thoughts on it with readers of my site, and readers of this site.

i don't mind versus articles when they are thoroughly written and honest. it's the ones blatantly trying to rile up the fanboy crowd that irritate me.

please know that that was not my intent with this story.

WildArmed5482d ago (Edited 5482d ago )

I think the article as a standalone is great.
Its really in depth.
I wish the topic was something else though :(
N4G has alot of hate going around.
Even though the article is very impartial. fanboys wont stand it.
I hope see other great articles from here ^^

I'll be tracking ur account 4 more kewl articles

Figboy5482d ago

i'm definitely working on more content to help expand the site more, as it's still relatively young, and the Faceoff feature is, i hope, one that will incite fun conversation amongst gamers, like the old Sonic vs Mario debates me and my friends used to have when we were kids: mutual respect for the games being compared, but not holding back on the strengths and weakness of them either. in short, fun dialogue.

i get so tired of the constant articles about sales numbers and metacritic scores, i just want to talk about games, even when you are comparing them. and besides, inFAMOUS and Prototype are the hot topic at the moment (well, besides the dozens of pixel counting articles about Ghostbusters on the PS3 and 360...*rolls eyes*...)

Myst5482d ago

I'm sorry, but I'm not approving this. These comparisons and versus type of articles are nothing more than pretty much a warzone here and on the sites themselves if they have a forum. It's already been stated, by quite a few people both games are good, but at least warrant a glance. Besides we have already had about what, ten comparison articles already?

Anyway, I guess the day can never end unless a versus article comes up.

Keith Olbermann5482d ago

"It's never easy when two products of similar themes get released around the same time period.

Yes it is. Prototype is a bad game. Infamous is a good game.

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