Exclusive: GamePro details Heavenly Sword's 3 fighting styles

Nariko must fight the poisonous effects of the Heavenly Sword in order to crush the King. All three weapon styles detailed.

Heavenly Sword pits Nariko, a ferocious warrior with crimson hair, against the legions of a genocidal invading King. The titular Heavenly Sword was once in the possession of a god-like force, but has since fallen to the mortal world only to be picked up by Nariko. Although the sword is a gift to effect massive change, this blessing comes with a sacrifice: those who carry the sword sign their own death sentence. In fact, Nariko has only hours left to live when the game opens.

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techie4265d ago

hehe sorry dude you beat me too it by 2 mins.

saber1344265d ago

it was all luck i tell ya...

Switching weapons in the middle of a combo is pretty sweet too. Are there any other games that have gone that route before?

n4g sucks4265d ago

this answered zero questions. everything said has been said before. the camera recentering with motion control was new and i also didnt know killing peple would give you life but besides that....i cant wait for'll get that one tommorow deepbrown,keep up the good work!!

techie4265d ago

picture in picture is new :)

n4g sucks4265d ago

the fact that you can build up your "super style" meter was also a nice suprise. Also Nariko auto-blocks when standing still and you can dodge with a flick of the right analog. i think my expectations were a little high today but tommorow we will have The Art of Heavenly Sword! i wanna see a good shot of siked

techie4265d ago

I bet all the art will be those which are on Talexis website...there's a good shot of Whiptail on there.

SmokeyMcBear4265d ago

changing fighting styles via the L1 and R1 buttons seems really awesome. Making your own combos, no neccessarily pre defined combos is great. Accessing more moves by a style meter is also great. This game just keeps getting better and better.

fenderputty4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

It's awesome. The use of the tilt control sounds great too. The camera control and the projectile control are all great uses of this feature. The picture in picture thing sounds great.

"There are no platforming or extended combat-free zones, as Heavenly Sword intends to deliver relentless battles and unceasing action. Even the cinematics take place during gameplay, with villains exchanging threats with Nariko via a slick picture-in-picture window."

So it sounds like everything we've seen is ingame stuff too. I like the custom combo thing. I like being able to switch fighting styles. I like the fast paced action. I like killing to heal life. I just want this game NOW. Damnit NOW NOW NOW.

"As you decimate legions of enemies, you build up your "super style" meter. With each successive level on the meter, your grabs and throws become increasingly spectacular. You can increase the meter faster if you perform impressive and stylish combos, so being creative and looking like a badass has a tangible reward."

That's extreamly badass.

silent ninja4265d ago

it would be better if they showed a vid of this moves

fenderputty4265d ago

Usually Sony is pretty tight lipped. I expect some great things to come from E3 this year. Let's hope for a demo sometime soon.

techie4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

PS. Army count is now upto 2400...could rise to 3000.

Everyone talking about low RAM on the ps3 can be quiet. It is the same...but another thing, each SPU has on board memory...and guess what the AI of the army is calculated completely by one SPU...and has no need for main uses only on board ;)

"Bloody impressive you can have it running on one single SPU with all the data available. You are able to parse through the horde of soldiers over and over again without touching the main RAM. Now that is how to make the Cell sing."

The recent pictures that have different lighting effects is just has different lighting which was a choice for that part of the level....

"BTW just to correct a few people, nothing (HDR or DOF or atmospherics for example) has been removed but most are artist controllable, so if you can't see them as obviously as before, its probably cos they choose to make it look like that.

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