Processing power = Money for gamers? Sony explores new applications for PS3

Sony may have stumbled upon an idea that might just let gamers earn some of their money back from the PS3's hefty price tag. According to a report from The Financial Times, Sony is currently in talks with several business firms regarding the commercial application of the Cell processor, the engine behind the massive power of the PlayStation 3.

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Bad_Karma4266d ago

will be intersting to see how this pans out.

Boink4266d ago

sony won't let anyone else make money on their console until they are actually making money off of it.

and even then, they are only talking about only letting you use it to buy more sony stuff which cost them peanuts anyway.

not a bad idea, however I would much rather get some of the 600$ back and chose what I want to spend it on.

artman4266d ago

just enjoy your 360 dude~

IPlayGames4264d ago

PS is in to sharing. you can incorporate almost anything from any company into ps3 even a xbox cam.

Scrumptious4266d ago

So my PS3 can overheat and fail like my 360? No thanks!

I don't care how many "studies" Sony provides, running a CPU at max utilization for expended periods of time WILL cause a hardware failure, it's just a matter of time. No free download of their Live Arcade rip-off will do me any good with a broke PS3.

WhEeLz4266d ago

bro i have kept my ps3 on for 6 days now..and thursday will be its 7th...also the ps3 is built like a computer...heat may be coming out of it..but its not goin to overheat

DrWan4266d ago

Even if your ps3 makes 25 cents a day, you can make all your PS3 600 dollars back in about six-seven years years. I personally think this is a great idea, and no, Sony WILL let you make money if possible because they cannot possibly get anyone to sign up for a paid effort by some other companies; the only way to get player incentive is to pay them!

Why wouldnt them want you to make money, its the participating company that paids you, not out of Sony's pocket, and if the pay is decent, they will get people to buy their console for 'free' basically and expand their user base that way. It's a win win situation for anyone. Such as great idea, but its already being bashed to hell; this is sad guys.

BIadestarX4266d ago

Are you serious... Did you consider the electric bill (which will be more than 25c a day) and how this will affect the lifespan of your console?

Besides I am starting to think that Sony is the evil empire that will bring this world to destruction. What are they trying to do do have us overheat the planet. I am come countries are not making the PS3 illegal yet. Encouraging massive energy consumption is not right.

sandip7874266d ago

its not even that bad of an idea. i wouldnt mind getting a bit of money/PSN points for doing pretty much nothing. however, i am worried about the electricity bills n such, as leaving any energy guzzling electrical appliance is sure to ramp up the cost. not only the bills, but also it will have an effect on carbon emmisions aswell. you lot may laugh, but think about it, lets suppose we've got 10 million ps3s sold in 2008. if everyone used this money making thing, how much CO2 would be emmitied? its 3am, so someone else can do the math lol.
i know i may be thinkin to deep into it, but its still a point.

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The story is too old to be commented.