Marvelous feels like crying over Wii sales

Marvelous Entertainment has provided the Wii with some truly high-quality experiences. No More Heroes, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, and Rune Factory Frontier are just a few of the titles that have been praised by the media.

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CobraKai3592d ago

They should release their games on other systems if they feel this way. Not unless they are a nintendo second party or something

Smacktard3592d ago

So you think Rune Factory would sell on the 360 and PS3? And Little King's Story? Don't joke.

Also, whenever people say they want Muramasa to come to the 360 or PS3 they inevitably follow it up with " a PSN or Live Arcade title"

There's no market for these games. True gamers appear to have died off last gen. What a goddamn shame.

KKanjiAnkh3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )


I agree hardcore gaming has fallen off to a degree, and that's what the PS2 is still here for.

Those who want these games will get it, like me MOST DEFINITLEY, and you would have a way better chance on a Sony system anyday 4 this type of beauty.


Sales or not Nintendo's focus is a Mii first, them second, Okami, Mad World, No More Heroes, and a few others didn't do jack on the Wii either, so install base is not always the case.

Yakuza 3
White Knight Chronicles
Valkyria Chronicles
Demon Souls, success.

I won't discredit the Wii, but the lead developers words can't change fact.

Gr813592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Was a success? Neither of those games sold a million copies which is said to be the breakeven point for most HD games. Lead devs can't change what fact? That games with Niche appeal won't become smashing successes?

You can't discredit the Wii, none of the haters can. Wii Fit has damn near outsold PS3, that says it all. Does Capcom cry over the fact that Bionic Commando sold less than Madworld across TWO platforms? I don't see the argument being made here.

Para: you talk pathetic, I've read your posts before, nothing more pathetic than a fanboy posting in a thread that has nothing to do with your console of choice just to troll. THAT is pathetic. You will not catch me in a 360 or PS3 news section because those systems do not interest me in the least. What is even MORE pathetic and sad, is the fact that someone like you and your nonsensical posts have such an abundance of bubbles. That's fine though, I know how the game is played here. This is Sony fanboy territory, say anything against the PS3 and the mods and trolls jump on you like a hooker at a prison.

Parapraxis3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Arius Dion, people like you are pathetic.

To you any game that sells less than 1mil in Japan isn't a success.

Since when are action adventure & action RPGs NICHE games?

Wii Fit has sold almost as well as the PS3...therefore Wii Fit is superior? I think you forget who the Wii appeals to. PS: It's not gamers.

"Does Capcom cry over the fact that Bionic Commando sold less than Madworld across TWO platforms? "
uhhh I'd imagine they do.

EDIT: Please point out what parts of my posts were nonsense.
I read this article because *gasp* I think these are great games and it sucks that Marvelous is this dissapointed.
I must have really hit a nerve with you, I sincerely hope I didn't make you cry THAT much.
*hands him a tissue* dry your eyes, I'm sure someday people will hold you in high regard for your sage gaming wisdom and expertise in everything Wii.

drpepper61213592d ago

"Neither of those games sold a million copies which is said to be the breakeven point for most HD games"

Really? I didn't know that most HD games had a $50-60 million budget. Alot of games don't need to sell a million to breakeven.

Omegasyde3592d ago

Wow, you must be high to think a game budget can reach 60 million.

Kz2 for instance took 40 million in development but supposedly a game engine will come out of it. Count in the sales of the DLC as well to coup up some of the cost. That's over doing it though.

Why would a Wii developed game require such a budget when its not really pushing the Wii limits nor is the technology really difficult to program for.

No game has to hit a million to be profitable.

Chris3993592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Sales are as follows:

Note that's more than Lost Odyssey and Star Ocean VI COMBINED sold in Japan. It's essentially the premier RPG in the East at the moment and it's a new - unproven - I.P. to boot. Yakuza is also off the charts in Japan, but apparently you've been living under a rock.

Do your homework. 3rd party, hardcore games generally (this is a "generalization" so there are exceptions, of course, but it is still the "rule") don't sell on the Wii, or sell much less when compared to other systems. Sure hardcore games can fail on HD systems, but at least the consumer interest is there, unlike with the Wii. We're almost three years in at this point and the evidence should be pretty clear. I don't know why people still belabor this point. First party and family/ casual software - Raving Rabbids, etc. - sells at a signifigantly higher margin than anything else on the Wii.

And your assumption that all games have to sell a million copies simply not true. One person - can't remember who - said it once. I think it might even have been Kojima or someone working on MGS4; which was a tremendously expensive game to make.

This certainly does not apply to EVERY game, you dolt. Anyway you seem like one of those people where 'logic' and 'facts' just bounce off of your thick skull, so believe what you will.

Seferoth753591d ago

Poor fanboys.. Chris and his other crying buddies must be really worried about the Wii.. First they claim sales matter when it's the Wii but bring up the Ps3 and like any good fanboy he completely changes his story...

What i love about it is he is too ignorant to even look at the types of games he is crying over.. Run factory is a FARM sim. It's a niche title. This must just be your first gen of gaming and you cant comprehend what that means. The problem is that Gamestop and other gaming stores know exactly what it means. In my Gamestop i was told to Preorder Madworld because it was such a niche title they were only getting 3 copies. hard to buy what isnt there kid but of course in your fanboy rants you never take facts into account. you just spin your opinion like a good Sony boy.

Show me any game selling well on a HD system that is a farm sim like Rune factory.. Show me a black and white 5 hour brawler on PS3 or 360.. See what you idiots cant even comprehend is that those games dont even exist on PS3 or 360 in any form. BEcause you kids wont support anything that doesnt look realistic and contain sex and violence on an extreme level. So stop acting like you would buy these games. You didnt buy them on the PS2 so you wouldnt buy them on Ps3 either... Also love how you say if they cut the price and put it on PSN more people would buy it..Cut the price on the Wii version and actually make it available and it will sell.

But of course the very same fanby trolls that know nothing about the Wii know everything about how Gamestop and other stores order niche titles...

Xiru3591d ago

Arius, games look like they are failing on Wii because of the installed base. There are 4x as many Wii's in homes in the US as there are PS3's. So when companies see that only 70,000 copies of a game sold in the US, that is considered a failure to them. It means that most Wii owners aren't buying their games. This means they either have to cater to the casual crowd to make profit, or switch consoles to appeal to the regular gamers. Muramasa is a beautiful game. It was almost enough to make me buy a Wii again. If it were on the PS3/360, I would buy it in a heartbeat. 2d games of this calibur need to be appreciated. There is no way of knowing if a game like Muramasa would do worse on the PS3. I personally think it would sell better in Japan on the PS3. But we will never know.

Chris3993591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

I have all 3 consoles. And a decent handful of titles for the Wii, including Rune Factory (will be picking up Muramasa and Arc Rise in the future). I was the ONE pre-order in my entire EB Games store, busy location, right in the heart of a major mall.

Hardcore games simply do not sell well on the Wii. Get over it. Perhaps you should invest in a couple of different consoles this gen, or just lay off gaming and get some air so that you might have a more balanced view of the world.

P.S. You're an idiot.

Edit: Oh, and Arius was the one who brought up "sales". Add "reading" and "comprehension" to the list of things you need to work on.

Seferoth753591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

I just love how you make yourself even more of an idiot by tying to justify your hate with pathetic excuses... Ok you claim to own Rune factory.. So why are you so adamant its mainstream? Oh I guess like any PS3 owner you dont actually play the games. Must be why that POS is dead last. Its easy to see you are nothing but a trolling 12 year old fanboy...

Speaking of reading comprehension get your mom off the street corner and get her to explain what that means because you fail miserable at it...I never said you brought upsales ki. I said you changed your story about sale when its the console you worship being talked about.

Typical fanboy really ignore any facts or relevant info and just call others idiots while completely ignoring what was said.

Oh well doesnt bother me. I knew you couldnt respond with any thing valid to my point. You just don't have the education to think beyond a 3rd grade level so insults and ignorance are your only options.

N4g_null3591d ago

What is sad is you guys rather say the Wii has a gamer population that doesn't want the game and that you want them to make the game on the PS of xbox 360...LOL Ok what happened to I like this game maybe I should get this system? I know all of your excuses but seriously If the Wii does not have enough hardcore gamers then you have to realize you are part of the problem that is killing off publisher like Marvelous. If you do have the system then why are you complaining show other people the game like how Wii fit gamers show their friends. People are not buying Wii fit because of the ads they are buying it because they get to play it.

Ok It's good to see you guys are interested in these games but it's too late the games have been made and they are on the Wii. If you want the games then get a Wii. To port it to the HD consoles would actualy put them in the negative because most of you that would buy it already have a Wii any way. It is not like you are going to get a new HD version either.

Another thing is I know all I wanted from them was NMH and demon blade any way. Insy=tead of crying try ads or actually given developers money to make the games even better.

kunit22c3591d ago

i saw this on another site and i was like "wow i bet the fanboys at n4g are going to be all over this" lol but seriously, do you really think that these games would actually have done well on PS3 or 360? get real fanboys, ESPECIALY little kings story cmon! and rune factory didnt look good so dont complain about that either, and what are they talking about with No More heroes? i heard that it did ok and they thought their sales were fine. and fanboys No More Heroes wouldnt have even been the same game on your systems. also Muramasa: The Demon Blade it looked good, but you guys wouldnt have bought it unless it was on arcade or psn, you just wouldnt have, it has no multiplayer, a short campaign, although the gameplay did look good it wasnt enough to make me buy it. and gamestop must not think these games were all that good either i havnt seen any of them in gamestop except No More Heroes. Also they DID NOT advertise them at all, i bet there are alot of people who own Wii's and like these types of games but they dont know they exist because they dont go on sites like this or look up games or watch e3 so they NEED to advertise, i know that there is a market out there like that, my uncle he likes shooters and he owns a Wii and he didnt know that there were shooters on wii until he came over once and saw me playing Cod WAW now he too has COD WAW, its simply that they NEED to advertise, "dont complain if you dont advertise" that if you ask me is a pretty good saying.

that was suda51 that said he was fine with the sales not marvelous.

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Smacktard3592d ago

Poor Marvelous ;_;

I bought Rune Factory Frontier, and it was great. I'm definitely getting Little King's Story and Muramasa. They look fantastic. I feel bad for Marvelous :(

Forrest Gump3592d ago

I think on the Ps3 these games can chart,you're forgetting the Japanese audience.

Gr813592d ago

PS3 games don't sell well, don't act like they do. Name ONE game that has cleared 1m in sales in Japan, since you bring up the Japanese audience.

LastDance3592d ago

Arius Dion - the armchair expert

Myst-Vearn3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

games don't have to be million sellers to be considered successful . There are lots of games on PS3 in japan that sold a lot and brought profit like- DMC4, MGS4, Yakuza, RE5, VC, and even niche games like Demon's Souls and Disgaea are successful.

all million sellers on wii are first party titles, third party title don't get nearly as much success

Gr813592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Are first party? Really? Do some research pal, before you spout nonsense.

Me? an Armchair expert? thanks sir!

DaOne:Games on PS3 are flopping left and right so shut up with the "stand a fighting chance" tell that to F5.

Da One3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Stop acting like a fanboy, what's even worse i stooped to your level

anyway...........Those games would actually have fighting chance on the any system other than the wii, The PS3 seems to be bringing the niche crowd from the PS2, with atlus and nis jumping last gen's ship

The 360 also trying to win over the JPN crowd with more rpg's and Japanese centric games, these would make since to grab..........

Also sales don't equal great games..................

qface643592d ago

what about haze and lair they didn't have a fighting chance on the ps3

what people really should be saying is ANY GAME has a chance to flop in terms of sales on ANY system

Omegasyde3592d ago

Who cares if it reaches a million.....

Please finish high school first before you start talking about marketing and development.

Omegasyde3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Double post, I feel like crying now as well.

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vox3592d ago

technically the wii still has a higher attach rate than the ps3
and considering those platforms have a higher library of core titles to compete, i would see them getting even worse sales if anything

Myst3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Do not worry Marvelous you will have one person picking up at least Rune Factory and of course Muramama: The Demon Blade. I know I'll definitely be getting Rune Factory, that game looks like fun and to good to pass up.

qface643592d ago

im actually gonna be picking up almost every game marvelous has to offer
but its gonna be in vain though because in the US most of the games are published by another party

BrotherNick3591d ago

I'm Getting Rune Factory and Muramasa too. :)