Breaking: Sony Ceases Production of 20GB PS3 in North America

Over the past couple weeks, a number of sites have reported on what seemed to be a discontinuation of sorts for the $499 20GB model of the PlayStation 3. A number of retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar had all but stopped selling it recently. In fact, even Sony's own SonyStyle e-tailer no longer listed the 20GB version for purchase. When pressed for comment, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) originally denied any change in their SKU strategy. Today, however, it's a different story.

"Due to the overwhelming demand for the 60GB model from both retailers and consumers, we have ceased offering the 20GB model here in North America."

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kewlkat0074264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

Now consumers and casual gamers have NO choice except $600+ machine full of promises..great one SONY. More Alienating on your part.

Start breaking the Piggy Bank, Maybe I should go and grab me one, since I do no care about WIFI(console sits 2 feet from PC), and Memory slots, and I heard HDD can be upgraded.

Oh yeah how is this bad news, rich boys everywhere can all afford $600+ machines, especially when keep looking for a price drop.(stupid to think)Sony Stated no price drop till after 2 years, PS3 goons)

VirtualGamer4264d ago

Sony did offer a choice and that choice by consumers was the 60GB model by over 90%. Retailers only want to keep in stock what sells and hence why they dropped ordering the 20GB models. The consumer and retailers decided what they would support in NA and in the end Sony had no choice but to drop the 20GB model.

I know you want to spin this as Sony being the big bad corporation but you really should blame all those consumers who went for the 60GB model. My guess to is that people waiting for a price drop are waiting for the 60GB version not the 20GB since they could have saved money right from the start by buying the 20GB model but they didn't.

TheMART4264d ago


the 20 GB version was NOT AVAILABLE so the consumer was forced to buy the 600 dollar version, when they couldn't wait for a 20 GB one.

But the store in my city just said plain: we only deliver the expensive one. The cheap version we can't get hold of.

That's the story. That 90% wasn't 'choosing' the expensive version. Many of them were 'forced' into it

VirtualGamer4264d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

Give me one credible news link or story where retailers complained that they had all this demand for the 20gb model but Sony was not offering them the opportuntiy to order it?

Here is one that supports what I am saying.

Best Buy done with PS3 20GB model

Posted Mar 17th 2007 1:30PM by Alexander Sliwinski
Filed under: Sony PlayStation 3, Business

The hard evidence is starting to flow in that retailers have had about enough from the PS3's 20GB model. A Best Buy employee sent us a printout from their computer system showing the status of the 20GB model as "discontinued." We confirmed the printout information by contacting three separate stores. This does not mean the 20GB PS3 model's production has been discontinued -- just that Best Buy will no longer carry it.

When Joystiq spoke with Sony's David Karraker earlier this week he told us, "Overwhelmingly, retailers have been requesting the 60GB model, the mix has been about 80 percent 60GB, 20 percent 20GB retailer orders." With Best Buy's decision to no longer carry the unit, a major retailer has walked away from the 20GB table, obviously the margins were better on the 60GB model. Sony says they are still producing 20GB models.

Here is another

The results are unambiguous: the PlayStation 3 is in stock, almost everywhere. In Cincinnati, there were PS3s at multiple Wal-Marts, GameStops, and Circuit City stores. The numbers went from only one system at the first Wal-Mart store to 15 at the second; everyone else seemed to have under ten units, mixed between the 20GB and 60GB models. If you want to buy a PS3, it's simply a matter of going to the right store or ordering from Best Buy or Circuit City online, both of which have them in stock, ready to ship.

So there where 20GB models available but they just where not selling and thus why Best Buy decided to drop it. Best Buy not Sony.

n4g sucks4264d ago

how long ago did MS stop making the xbox?????? now thats Alienating

TheExecutive4263d ago

You must be rich to own a ps3 :|

kornbeaner4263d ago

I have a PS3, I also have a Car payment, Motorcycle payment, insurance payment, Rent and a Son who is about to turn 2. I only make $10 an hour.

I'm as close to the average joe owning a PS3 as you can get.

It was $600 but $600 well spent.

shikwan4263d ago

So when your kid says; " Hey,Dad...I need some money for the Prom...or for college...", you'll say; "Not now...I'm trying to get the hidden sword in FFXXX!"...or; "Sorry son, I just bought us a new PS5, it was $945 and comes with a Mega-Ray player so we can't afford the Prom but at least we can update our BluRays to MegaRays!!"

F N Loser.

kornbeaner4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

first off you dont know My life so don't start judging the type of father I am when you know nothing of my life. His birthday is this sunday. Saturday ME and my wife are taking him to Seaworld. With plenty of money SAVED up for him to enjoy and point out whatever he might want from Seaworld. come sunday he gets a cake, Food and even more presents.

He is the most important person in my life If I couldn't afford my habit then I wouldn't purchase a PS3. Fact is I work hard and I make ends meet even if that means I gotta work 60 hour weeks.

I make sure I have enough saved up for all my bills and for whatever my son might need. I was saving for 6 months to purchase my PS3, and as the man of the house I work hard enough to get myself a little something if everything is already taken care of.

So the only loser is you You don't use common sense when figuring things out and are ready to judge people on something as stupid as a gaming console. I would give up whatever I had to just so he can have all
his little heart desire.

and lucky for you all this is all typed if you were to say something like that to my face without knowing me I'd beat your a$$

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4264d ago

get ready for a 60gb price drop.
I already got one but.........
20gb gone,ps2 nearing the end.
Get Ready.
Thank you Sony.

big_tim4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

of the 360 and PS3 can use the $200 dollar difference as a legit argument. Before it was a weak argument as the premium 360 matched up with the 20gig PS3 making it a $100 dollar difference.

Guess that dictates which unit I will get. Come on price drop.

Next the 360 core needs to be dropped.

hfaze4263d ago

"Next the 360 core needs to be dropped."

Agreed. Once the developers are free to make games that can use the hard drive on the 360, it will make the system FAR more appealing to me.

It just amazes me that Microsoft has sold ten million XBox 360's, yet still no price drop in sight? What's up with that? ;-)

SmokeyMcBear4264d ago

meh.. yeah, hopefully the version goes down to 500 bucks. Even though I feel I kinda got a little shafted out of a hundred bucks, but I guess thats what you pay to say, hey i got a ps3. But I had a ps2 warranty so traded it in for the ps3 and got 150 bucks off the 600 model, so I basically got mine for 450, so cant complain too much.

big_tim4264d ago

I have seen the $100 dollar trade in at eb but not 150....

SmokeyMcBear4264d ago

I got the value of the ps2 purchase price. I bought the slim ps2.. after my first one gave out after around 3 years, for $149. I got the best buy 2 year replacement, for 19.99, so I guess you can say a net gain of only 130.00. But anyways, yeah so I when I traded in my ps2.. ( i said the drive was reading discs.. teehee..) and got the ps3, I got my purchase price reduced by the amount I paid for the ps2.. $149.99 Easy peasy

Covenant4264d ago

After weeks--months, really--of speculation, they make it official.

As I stated yesterday:

My store hasn't seen a 20GB model since yeah, this is pretty much on the spot. Although I have seen much higher demand for the 60GB, the 20GB offered an alternative for those not interested in wifi or a extra $100 goes a long way towards another controller and a game.

Dropping the 20GB model also undermines one of Sony's strategies for the PS3: Blu-Ray. Think about it: If I want a BR player, and have 2 choices between $500 and $600, which will I choose if I don't want the added features of the 60GB model? $100 isn't exactly chump change; that'll buy at least three Blu-Ray movies.

This seems odd that Sony would drop one of their main weapons in the HD war, and also one of the main counter-points to the 360. Again, $100 difference: If I'm a consumer, and I see that I can get a 360 Pro for $400, or get a PS3 with Blu-Ray (if desired) for just $100 more (the price of the 360's wifi adapter)?

I'm not bashing Sony, but this move is odd and definitely runs counter to some of their stated strategies.

VirtualGamer4264d ago

Sony does not decided what models retailers will carry the retailers do. Sony can say yeah we make a 20GB model but if retailers won't stalk it what are they to do? Retailers make money on selling merchandise that moves and if its not moving fast enough to make money on they dump it.

hfaze4263d ago

You're spot-on with that one. It would be better for the consumer to keep the 20GB PS3 around, and possibly offer a USB WiFi adapter and a card reader as accessories.

The 20GB PS3 was a damn good value for a budget-friendly Blu-Ray player. And a $100 price drop on the 20GB model may have started a tidal wave of people jumping on the Blu-Ray bandwagon.

Let's hope that the 65nm Cell equipped, sans emotion engine PS3's are ready for the Christmas season, at a $100 price drop.

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