Fan-Favorite Mai Definitely Not In Next King of Fighters, Could Be DLC

Stephen Totilo: "We have dutifully inquired about the whereabouts of one Mai Shiranui and halted an analogy to ripening fruit."

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lociefer3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

if thats really the case and that dlc is paied for then this industry has hit really low standarts

WildArmed3776d ago

lol i thought we already established that with Soul Caliber IV DLC

INehalemEXI3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

No buy.


WildArmed3776d ago

lol no bewbs no buy?
ok xD

Im not much of a fighter fan. Picked up Soul Calibur IV by mistake lol
I suck at em.. thats my defense -.-

GameGambits3776d ago

If K' becomes DLC I'll buy him no questions asked. Mai I really don't care about myself, but I NEED K' to complete my awesome trinity of K', Kyo, and Terry B. :D

hay3776d ago

No Mai in KoF? That doesn't make any sesne. It's like dividing by zero. I'm not a big fan of this char but hell, it's probably one of the most recognizable female chars. I bet they wanna milk a bit from her juggs with a DLC chars. Sucks.

@skv007: I'm huge fighter fan and picked Soul Calibur IV by a mistake too.

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I Call 9MM3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Of course she'll be DLC, why not when they can charge another 5-10 dollars and make even more profit with such an in demand character, it's the only logical reason. These are sad times we live in. I remember back in the day when PC games got patched and updated, giving you new levels and characters... for free, just for being a loyal customer. What happened here? DLC just fragments game communities into people who have the DLC and people who don't.

I remember one of the oddest updates was to Star Trek: Elite Force. They didn't have the original actress from the TV show do her character's voice in the original release, so they had her come in and do the lines later on and patched that. That was pretty cool (even though most people had beat the game by then).

DarkBlood3776d ago

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooo one of my only 3 team characters i use oh wait nvm it was king not her but still thats a rip off

GEESE3776d ago

Wasn't the whole reason that theh roster is so small, was because the time constraints on hand drawing all new characters?
Hell, I don't even think I'm in it :(

Dark General3776d ago

I'm satisfied seeing as my girl Leona is in it. Now if only Yashiro, Shermie or Chris would make the cut as console exclusive characters I would be happy.

Transporter473776d ago

I loved that roster and hell imagine a roster with 98 and 2002 combined would b so awesome imo, wish Mai was in it i love using her :P

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