Megaman 9 secret update

A Capcom Unity member named S-Kill dropped an interesting post about the infamous Megaman 9 secret that still has not been discovered.

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Smacktard3593d ago

Holy absolute hell. I cannot believe that the secret has not yet been found. It really intrigues me... but not enough to go off the deep end and try ridiculous stuff to acquire it :D

How can something be so well-hidden? And why can't someone just hack the game and find it?

Product3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Ive tried hard to find it as well with no results.....I was thinking it may be a secret area off screen. I have no clue what this secret could be.
How can the flutes in SMB 3 be easier to find than this?

PhDInParapsychology3593d ago

I hope that it isn't lame. It'd be cool if it was something bridging the game between Mega Man and the X series but that's probably too much to hope for. And how can you be "half way there?" I've never looked because I know there are better people out there looking but... I'd like to know what it is.

Product3593d ago

I really wish it was a fight with Bass or something of that magnitude