Jaffe: I Would Not Have Included Blu-ray in PS3

In somewhat of a shocker, God of War creator David Jaffe has admitted that if he could change something about PS3, he would have removed its Blu-ray player and sold the console at a cheaper price. He also revealed that he might one day found his own independent studio. More within...

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zonetrooper54304d ago

Well i do agree with him that Blu-Ray should of not be included in the PS3, thats what delayed the console many times. It would also help the PS3 sell by the bucket load. For this generation i fell that Blu-Ray, HD-DVD and HDMI is not needed for this generation of consoles. I will say that it is needed for the next gen consoles such as the PS4, Xbox 720 and the Nintendo poo or whatever they are gonna call it.

shysun4304d ago

Blu-ray/HD-DVD and HDMI are needed this gen.....just not for gaming,maybe HDMI is though.

Tut4304d ago

Yeah this article was already posted and "somewhat" discussed. And by somewhat I mean maybe three people watched the video and then others tried to chime in without even watching it. =)

Goes to show you what a title can do for an article though.

Here is the link:

Keyser4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

I like what Jaffe did with GOW but he works for Sony. He is not Sony. That's like the guy at McDonalds who made the Big Mac telling McDonalds head quarters that they shouldn't have made the McRib. They would ask him politely to leave and remind him that they sign his check.

Sony has an overall strategy as we all know. They don't just make Playstations. They all distribute movies and a variety of other things. If they decide that they want to push bluray into the mainstream with the PS3they don't ask the devs if that's a good idea. They may say, "Hey, could you guys use more room to make games on?" The devs respond "Hell yeah!" and there you have it. Both parties are happy.

Seriously, Jaffe hasn't even made a God of War title on the PS3. From his tone about work you can tell that he does not want to go back into lab for a long period of time, on any system! He wants to make games in 13 months, an honorable way to make a living. You don't here Kojima, who is currently working on a large PS3 title, saying that he sure wish he had less space to work on.

From Jaffes point of view, making a game in 10-13 months, you probably don't need the space of bluray. For guys who want to make super-huge titles that completely immerse the participant with dazzling graphics and feats that defy your imagination, you're going to need more space.

Jaffe has been living in a 2,400sqft home and is ready for an apartment in Florida. He wants to spend some of that 401K money. Other devs want that mansion so they can put all their stuff where they want it.

Jaffe (10-13 month games) = doesn't need bluray
Kojima and others (2-5 years dev time) = bluray (and anything bigger if you got it)

This is not intended to disrespect what Jaffes stance is but merely a difference of opinion not shared by most of his Sony dev colleagues.

Personally, I like the bluray feature. Saved me from dropping $1000 bucks as well as buying a console. Hooray Sony. Do I wish it were cheaper? Of course! Who doesn't? I wish it was free and came with a game!!! Talk about a large gamer base then! I am old enough to understand the technology inside and how that relates to price an newness to the market. Bluray and HD players are $500+ because they are that awesome. They cost that much because the technology is new. Simple as that.

Sorry for being so long winded.

D3acon4304d ago

I agree with Keyser he basically said what I was going to point out. The comparison for the type of games that may need or may not need blu-ray, etc... Its true that Sony has a lot more resources to pull from than microsoft; music, movies, electronics. I think there is going to be some intersting things ahead in the playstation 3 life cycle with java script, movies,music, and games.

I believe this is the generation for blu-ray and high end storage devices, even microsoft agrees(360 elite) more and more people are getting high definition televission and radio so I do believe that Sony is taking the right steps.

artman4303d ago

no bluray mean piracy, see what happened with 360 & wii, it's already had a lot of pirated games... same as PS2 when using the first DVD-rom... while pirated PS1 was already spread anywhere.

blue-ray is just another next step~ and I'm sure that game dev. will not support piracy... it will be pirated, but not that soon... at least the company can still earn something at the beginning.

360 already got pirated less than a year... wii already got pirated less than 6 month... ps3? still lack of piracy... none~!
you can even find 360 & wii's game on torrent man...
now that's what I called a secure project (for now)
who want to upload a 50Gb files?? ok... that's too much... there is no game using that much of space yet... let see... 15Gb???

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techie4304d ago

What!? I know he said that...but we havent seen the rest of the interview! that was just the preview.

Blu-ray is a good deal...if only it was time in time.

eques judicii4304d ago

bluray and hd-dvd are a good deal and going to help things in the future... but i would still say it was a little early in the life cycle of the new format to put it in a console...

anyhow, here's to god of war!

techie4304d ago

UH-OH foot in mouth. You just called the PS3 a Blu-ray player! They're going to love that one...quick edit!

Sphinx4304d ago

Nice call... the PS3 is a Bluray player... moohaha!!!

zonetrooper54304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

"UH-OH foot in mouth. You just called the PS3 a Blu-ray player! They're going to love that one...quick edit!"

Haha good one deepbrown, yeh the fanboys will come in a min and say the PS3 is a Blu-Ray player first and a gaming system second.

sajj3164304d ago

if its also a blu ray player also ... acknowledge it. Embrace it. Xbox fans could spin it all they want. I'm enjoying my Casino Royale in between my VF 5 sessions.

TheMART4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )


You mean that game without online features in the PS3 version? The features, the 360 version will have?

I'd rather have the best games and online service then some movies. That I play on a very high quality standalone player not on a gaming console.

You do know your drive will wear out sooner using movies right? A drive that is supposed to play GAMES

Siesser4304d ago

I thought the 360 version was just going to have online leaderboards? Was there more?

sajj3164304d ago

so I can't get a comment in without someone like you ruining my vibe. I could care less about the online feature. If the 360 has it, good for them. I just can't imagine that the precision will be there online. If you've played VF, you'll know what I mean. One second of lag could mean you loose the fight against a good opponent.

I've had the PS2 since launch and have played DVDs on it w/o problems. I had the PSOne when it launched and played CDs on it with no problems. I play Blu Ray movies on my PS3 ... yes I've heard of drive degradation but I'm not worried. I'm more worried about my 360 blowing up after my warranty is up.

So your indirectly saying that we (PS3 owners) shouldn't have Blu Ray on the PS3 because it could ruin our 'gaming' machine. Well, I didn't buy the PS3 just for games. Thats just me. If you bought the 360 for just games, golf clap for you .... oh and a biscuit.

I don't respect you at all so stop responding .... please. How is me playing VF5 related to this article ... stick to the point.

cuco334304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

to 5.1, be honest now... how many times are you going to watch casino royale? i mean seriously... that's the reason why to me having BR isn't a worthy feature to own a ps3 or justify the cost. that and the price of BR / HD DVD discs themselves... the good ones go for $25-30 a pop! i love movies, but not THAT much... guess i'm the cheap bargain binner that enjoys getting a classic i'll watch once or twice a decade for $5-10. binding BR to the PS3 drives cost, these costs i and MANY others can't justify yet... i dont even think solid titles like MGS4, HS or GT would sway me towards that camp unless a price drop happens. i'm wii60pc right now, and like the fact the 360 plays dvds as well as dont care that the wii doesn't. i have a stand alone player for that. different strokes for different folks

besides, i'm one of the few thought thinks casino royale wasn't as good as the hype put it out to be. good movie, but not awesome

sajj3164304d ago

do I literally watch Casino in between my VF5 sessions? Come on now. I have other blu ray movies. I'm also excited about the possibility of upscaling my current DVD collection (when they decide to do it).

For me, money is not the issue. Heck, I own 2 HD tvs with one in my bedroom. If I decide to just buy HD movies, its my choice and $25/$30 might not hit me as hard as other people. I'm a high def buff, just my nature. I'm the guy who's pet peeve was 'jaggies' .. sorry, lol.

For me, I'm getting my $600.00 worth. As an early adopter, you either leverage every penny you spent or suck on wasted potential. That's why I don't understand why 360 owners (I am one myself) that are fanatics try to justify to me that my $600.00 is not worth it.

n4g sucks4304d ago

does anybody else here notice that theMART is a little B!tch....he b!tches and whines about everything...their is no proof that VF5 for 360 will have online vs mode. your just talking out your a$$...his only source is his wild imagination. i wish you had a ps3 so that when @home comes out we can all virtually d!ck slap you....slap...slap..slap...

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