Game developers adapt to multicore world

As more and more PCs incorporate dual-core processors into their guts, game developers must rethink their design processes.

For years, developers were able to take advantage of faster and faster processors from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices. All they had to do was write their program once, and it would run faster and faster as Intel and AMD cranked up the clock speed.

But overheating forced chip companies to adopt designs with two or more processor cores running at slower speeds, which meant that some applications written to run on a single thread couldn't take advantage of that extra horsepower. This has required an entirely new way of looking at software development, prompting Intel this week to release another batch of software development tools aimed at helping developers make that transition.

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ItsDubC4262d ago

The sooner devs can learn to efficiently program multiple threads, the sooner the potential of the PS3 will be realized to the level that Sony marketing has led everyone to believe the machine is capable of.

power of Green 4262d ago

And the sooner we'll have great Xbox games limited by only dev skills and not the full use of cores.

dissectionalrr4262d ago

...or it won't and the sony fanboys will finally accept the fact that they've been had. again. anyone remember the "reality synthesizer" and "emotion engine"? yeah... ps2 was most powerful last gen too, if you believe sony.

fenderputty4262d ago

That looks better then God of War II. It's the best looking game for that generation. The xbox probably could have done it but, we won't know since it died upon the 360's conception.

Neutral Gamer4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

... I haven't played God of War II yet, just waiting for the April 27th release over here in the UK so I don't know how good it'll look in action (I do know it's gonna be an AWESOME game to play though considering how much I loved the first one!).

But, surely Doom 3 on the Xbox was pretty damn impressive in its visuals, don't you think?

I do agree with you though on the Xbox's early grave, developers were making some pretty cool looking titles near the end of its life, I would loved to have seen how good the games would have been NOW if it was still popular with publishers.

Boink4262d ago

splinter cell DA comes to mind.

hamburgerhill4262d ago

For PS2 GOW2 looked marvelous but don't compare that game to anything Xbox please! Riddick, Doom3, Halflife2, Oddworld Stranger, and Halo2 all surpass GOW2 by a pretty good margin!

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kewlkat0074262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

Cosoles today rarely reach their full potential. Whatever happened to the PS2 and all the emotion engine/online claims early on?

See, "hardware technology" moves so fast that it sneaks up on developers, while they take their time year after year to develop a good game.(we know great games takes years to develop)

Companies these days are forces to abandon their consoles much earlier than anticipated. Especially when an old gen console grabs the highlight of their new one for like 2 years.(ps2 and PS3)

IMO Consoles should come out every 5-6 years, ensuring that its backwards compatible, then I will always get the latest tech. I gaurantee you Sony will be hard pressed when the Xbox 720, with Directx 12, Nvidia 12000GTX, 1 terabyte HD-ROMS, comes out.

That 10-12 year strategy just doesn't cut it these days with the speed of hardware technology. Sony is all talk and promises now, just like "PS2 Emotion Engine/Online Network claims" last gen, but will dance to the beat of a different tune sooner than later.(10+ years my @ss)

I love pushes creative Hardware/Software development.

Microsoft needs Apple,
Snes needed Genesis.
EA sports needs 2K(bring 2k football back cause Madden needs some help)

and so on...

Amplifier4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

I surly hope you aren't siding with Microsoft, whom dropped the Xbox like a ton of bricks in 4 years of life. Sony is stating that they won't drop support of the unit, that means by the 9th year Sony will still have the PS3 on store shelves even if the PS4 is out. They also said 10 years for the PS2, which so far it has been almost 7 years come Oct.

Don't get me wrong, I have both PS3 and X360 because I am a "true" gamer and if I couldn't afford either one then I would have waited to get both of them when I could.

Point being your comment would lead me to believe that Sony would better fit you overall opinion moreso than Microsoft.


P.S. - btw, PS2 only had 4 megs of Video RAM which developers said they would never get anything out of...but apparently they were wrong

kewlkat0074262d ago

The original XBOX had so many factors up against it. After 10 years of of SONY domination it's not easy coming into this industry and establishing yourself. 3DO tried and they failed.

I could care less about the Original XBOX, it was just a start, really a TEST. Obviously we have Xbox 360 and you can't deny it won't continue to do well, with great games and such. Do the research. MS could of done like 3DO and quit.

Yeah I've had all consoles, so it doesn't matter, I just tend to like MS's strategy this time around VS SONY's.

SONY made a mistake with their HARDWARE. They underestimated the PS2 and released the PS3 as a High Priced Item, which will have a slow adoption rate, which will cripple the PS3's life-cycle. Anyhow we will see when he XBOX 720, with directx 13, Nvidia 12000GTX comes out, when they will just be learning how to program cells, with outdated GPU and such.

That why I stated consoles never really tap their tru potential because Hardware technology moves too fast. Developers work at a slower rate. Capish..

Amplifier4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

in my opinion Sony seems to be heading the right direction because we don't necessarily have to move to "next-gen" until we want to. However I didn't think that Microsoft should have just slapped all those who bought the Xbox before X360 with the fact they aren't getting anymore "new" games.

I have never agreed with Microsoft's business decision, period, but do enjoy the X360 and will never deny that they are offering a lot to the gaming industry however some of decisions to get there have been very shady and one-sided(their side)

Like for example, say I had bought a X360 core unit...well I wanted to play all my old games...I would have to buy a memory unit or HDD also to enjoy my old Xbox games on X360. That's hardly fair to do to someone that just dropped $300 on their new console.

I do believe that developers can get the most out of the systems but it all depends on the's not like the PC world where it's like every 6 months a new CPU and/or Videocard comes out.

Guess time will tell how Sony actually does this gen but they are far from failing in my opinion, for goodness sakes they are the MOST success videogame company, period. Who would have thought little less than 12 years ago, Sony of all companies would be in the poistion they have been in. I sure didn't even regard them as a contender back in '95.


kevin4262d ago

are you really sure that sony is lying about the ps3 take a look at all the tech demoes shown and the edge tools presentation some say that hevenly sword even looks better than in e3 05 dont let me mention motorstorm and that isnt even 5 months into ps3s lifecycle 180 is maxed out bill gates already said that Gears of War is what 180 was built for you can forget seeing a sequal for gears you can guarantee when killzone surpasses the trailer when they show it this year at e3 07 that will still only be the tip of the iceburg for the ps3 and not to mention even more games that have delivered in ps3s early lifecycle lets name one more formula 1, resistance and thats a launch title so many of you say that gears of war looks better than resistance but does it? Glitches of War is a very short game with very small worlds and very few people on screen and exeeded 180s power and thats all they could come up with resistance was only possible on the ps3 with more than 40 people on screen and so many physics that you dont really see but are happening just because of the unparalled power of the cell and have i mentioned that when developers start to syncronize the cell and rsx that is when ps3 will be on a completely different platue graphically with anything on the market today thanks to sony with the idea to put a supercomputer in the ps3 graphics will reach the 4d era on the ps3 hate if you want come up with as many reasons that it wont all you want to but the fact still remains that your brains are miniscule compared to the japanese and you will never understand the true genious behind this machine of the future 180 is a right now machine the ps3 is the machine of 2007-???? thank you for your time

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