Coming to PlayStation Home: New SOCOM Space, Ghostbusters Apartment, EA SPORTS Complex Update + More!

Sony is planning to have a massive update to their social gaming service, PlayStation Home, tomorrow and is arguably the best update to come to Home so far. Read More to find out what is coming.

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IrishRepublicanArmy3598d ago

sony really has some great exclusive content on their version!

as for the socom space it looks sweet! and there is another socom space coming!

irish-leprecaun3598d ago

hey ira send me your psnid and i will invite you over to the space!!

irishgirl093598d ago

what about me?? i will send ye mine aswell!! please ad me! we can have an irish only party... i know a few other guys and girls who are irish that could come too!! :)

ThatCanadianGuy3598d ago

wow.Look at that.One guy pretending to be three people.


thebudgetgamer3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

i just bought socom.

:) and i need more friends on psn.

edit: im not irish, but my best friend is.

edit 2: i do like to get drunk and cause a ruckus.

irishgirl093598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

i think my friends list is full. so send a message and i will see if i can make room! im getting my ps3 back off my friend in 2 days!!!!!!!!

edit: your not irish?? id say youblew it mate with that last detail!
strictly irish only!

irish-leprecaun3598d ago

but the party will be for this nationality only.

its actually a funny video. well worth the watch!!

InfectedDK3598d ago

Just imagine Home in 2010 - 2011

irish-leprecaun3598d ago

there would be leprecauns and rainbows everywhere!!

Redempteur3598d ago

This 3-floor space comes jam-packed with tons of furniture and assorted decorations at no additional charge (including your very own Ecto-1).

oh oh oh *

i can't wait for tomorrow

JL3597d ago

SOCOM space? awesome. Makes me want to get back to that game now. And definitely going to have to sign into Home again for all this stuff. Been a few weeks since I been in Home. Alot of nice stuff here. Can't wait for that EA space to expand even more and can't wait for when that Namco Museum gets here so I can finally have the full one.

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irish-leprecaun3598d ago

i knew you were mad for me!! lol
come dressed to well to the party! i will chat to ye on psn
and we can decide when to have it!!

irishgirl093598d ago

i will send it now!! see you in home lil fella!

whoelse3597d ago

You're not fooling us. It's so obvious that you have three accounts.

IrishRepublicanArmy3598d ago

this gona be great. there will be loads of us there. i also have lots of irish friends but only one is a girl!! ciao

CaptainHowdy3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

BEFORE Home came out....didn't it seem so FRICKEN AWESOME!!! Someone tell me why can't i find the nerve to load it? :(

LOL people disagree with my not liking Home. *rolls eyes*

irish-leprecaun3598d ago

some nice features. but we want the buzz space back!

irishgirl093598d ago

what happened that was my favourite!!

irish-leprecaun3598d ago

it was taken down because they could recognize all 64 avatars in such a small space or at least i think....

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The story is too old to be commented.