4-Dimensional Videogame

Is this what the future or handheld gaming will be?
Looks amazing.

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Silellak4918d ago

Why do people keep misuing the term "4-Dimensional"?

This looks cool, don't get me wrong, but the forth dimension is TIME. Not...whatever this shows. The closest we'll get to "four dimensional gaming" is environments that change over time naturally, due to conditions in the game (as in the PS3 demo), or perhaps games like Harvest Moon where the game continues whether or not you're playing.

masterg4918d ago

Yes is should be 3D in the title, but the video is called 4D.

Cajun Chicken4918d ago

Interesting Concept...should be sponsored by Skittles though.

spunnups4909d ago

Very cool stuff. Can you imagine the PSP2 or Future DS model implementing this sort of technology? I'm excited for the future of gaming.