Magic: The Gathering now available on Xbox Live Arcade

Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers has arrived on the Xbox Live Marketplace and is now available for download and purchase. A demo for the title is available as well.

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In a game of Magic, two or more players are engaged in a battle as powerful wizards called "planeswalkers". A player starts the game with twenty "life points" and—with a few exceptions—loses when he or she is reduced to zero or less. The most common method of reducing an opponent's life is to attack with summoned creatures. Although reducing an opponent to zero life is the most common way of winning (or losing) the game, drawing from an empty deck (called the "library" during the game) will also cause a player to lose. In addition, some cards specify other ways to win or lose the game.[15]

Players begin the game with seven cards in hand.[16] The two basic card types in Magic are "spells" and "lands". Lands provide "mana", or magical energy, which is used as magical fuel when the player attempts to cast spells. More powerful spells cost more mana, and are usually more difficult to play. Some spells also require the payment of additional resources, such as cards in play or life points. Spells come in several varieties: "sorceries" and "instants" have a single, one-time effect before they go to the "graveyard" (discard pile); "enchantments" and "artifacts" provide a lasting magical effect; creature spells summon monsters that can attack and damage an opponent. The Future Sight set introduced "tribal" cards, which are noncreature permanents which can have some of the defining attributes of creatures. As of the Lorwyn expansion, a new card type, "planeswalker", has been introduced to the game. These cards represent planeswalkers — similar to the player — with their own magic abilities, one of which can be used each turn. Spells can be of more than one type.[17]

Some spells have effects that override normal game rules. The "Golden Rules of Magic" state that "Whenever a card's text directly contradicts the rules, the card takes precedence."[18] This allows Wizards of the Coast great flexibility in creating cards, but can cause problems when attempting to reconcile a card with the rules (or, even worse, two cards with each other). The Comprehensive Rules, a detailed rulebook,[19] exists to clarify these conflicts.

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