Capcom quiet on Dead Rising 2

Capcom Europe has told CVG that Dead Rising 2 remains a rumour even though details on the sequel have been spotted in Japanese gaming mag, Famitsu.

Internet reports have stated that the follow-up to the company's Xbox 360 zombie splatterfest has been confirmed as being in development in the latest edition of Famitsu, leading to speculation that Dead Rising 2 will be unveiled at a Capcom press event happening in the US this week.

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Havince4265d ago

as said before theyd be daft not 2 make it

zonetrooper54265d ago

DR2 will be coming to the Xbox 360, they has sold over a million and maybe they have sold some more. Its one of the best games on the Xbox 360 which deserves to have a sequel.

highps34265d ago

Cut Scene, Loading, Cut Scene, run back to save, cut scene, loading...

1st mission shoot someone using the LEFT analog stick...

Game had a great idea never made it through it do to the most loading i have ever seen in a video game.

TheMART4265d ago

Is it because you're a Sony droid?

E Man4265d ago

It is apparent that you have never played sonic the hedgehog.

marionz4265d ago

i didnt actually notice the loading, but i love the way you could either follow the story or just go nuts and do whatever you wanted instead
i had great fun with this game trying to get the achievements and dam some of them are hard!
great game great replay value...GREAT JOB CAPCOM!

gimme some more!

2tired2day2hate4265d ago

i loved it, but they were retarded not to add multiplayer

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The story is too old to be commented.