Metal Gear needs better writing, not graphics

Don Reisinger from CNET writes:

"We don't need better graphics from Hideo Kojima and his team; we need better writing.

After playing through Metal Gear Solid 4, I was deeply disturbed by what it offered. Was it a good game? Sure. But after completing it, I won't consider playing through it again because of the convoluted storyline and the amount of cut scenes."

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n4g-gamer5419d ago

He is right though, MGS 4 is about as convulsed and retarded as a story will get, so its probably a good thing that kojima isnt working on mgs raiden. Its gonna have all the great gameplay elements from kojimas team but non of his retarded writing.

Hellsvacancy5419d ago

Or perhaps YOUR just 2 retarded 2 understand it

n4g-gamer5419d ago

No It is perfectly understandable , this does not take away from its sheer stupidity.

callahan095419d ago

Of course it's written by Don Reisinger. Does he write anything that isn't a veiled attack at something PS3-related?

The_Darkest_Red5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

The story in MGS is as wonderfully crafted as any in the entertainment industry. The amount of depth and character development present in each game is a testament to just how good the writing actually is.

This is ridiculous. Attacking the game that is best at something for what it is best at? I mean I understand that there aren't many angles you can attack a series like MGS from but this is just pathetic.

*** By the way in case anyone cares, this is my new account. My old name was PistolPumptMonk. ***

EDIT: At n4g-gamer: Please, explain to us the entire MGS story in detail so that we may understand it as fully as yourself.

edgeofblade5419d ago

Maybe some people like convoluted stories.

I'm not one of them, but I recognize the right of Konami and Kojima to seek a market of people who will buy any Japanese-written piece of comic book plot garbage.

But there are people who like that stuff and i respect their right to like it. So, a disagree here means you disagree with peoples right to like whatever they like...

5419d ago
Willio5419d ago

4-5 million purchases later says this author is retarded.

5419d ago
The_Darkest_Red5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

No, a disagree means you don't know WTF you're talking about. Seriously, if the story is so stupid why do so many mature older people appreciate it so much? I am willing to bet that NO ONE who understands the story thinks it is stupid or convoluted.

So please, edgeofblade, explain the story to me. Then you have the right to a valid opinion. Otherwise, I'm poppin that disagree button like I pop scrubs in COD.

EDIT: At guy below me who thinks he is the king of the world: I just ate one of your bubbles and they taste like chicken. Yum!

PrimordialSoupBase5419d ago


Since you can't even spell, I suggest you avoid contributing to a conversation about writing. Same goes for most of the idiots on this website.

Metal Gear is overwrought trash. The end.

Silellak5419d ago

How are you even still allowed in the Open Zone?

I stopped caring about Metal Gear Solid's plot around the time of MGS2. MGS1 was silly in some ways, sure, but it was an entertaining story that was told fairly well.

I'm not going to pretend I've played MGS3 or 4, so I won't comment on those specific stories (beyond what I've read on Wikipeda), but it seems to me like MGS fanboys mistake confusing, convoluted plotlines as being "deep". If you don't like the story, it must be because you're too stupid to "get it" - and that's just absurd. People may enjoy the story, but the fact is, the often wince-inducing writing that delivers the story simply isn't very good.

There's nothing particularly wrong with that. I enjoy plenty of movies and TV shows that often have sub-par writing. But don't pretend Metal Gear Solid is some glorious, flawless piece of art that's beyond criticism - because it isn't.

5419d ago
DragonWarrior_45419d ago

This is the most milked franchise next to Mario, but at least the Mario games keep evolving. Kojima needs to let Snake die already and make another Zone of the Enders game or just quit making games period. MGS4 is the most overrated game next to Halo. I cant stand it when you noobs keep hyping up these mediocre games. Sure its pretty, but graphics dont make a game great.

iHEARTboobs5419d ago

In honor of that "convoluted trash" of a story, i'm going to pop it in again and have a great time playing it......again.

bunbun7775419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

We all play to have fun, and that level of fun is constantly being qualified through what makes us the gamers, have a fun time. The writing is solid, maybe too much for some, but thats the thing-- if we strip away from what is there then we go back to common denominators...

I couldnt help but thinking of Idiocracy and the movie of the Year, ASS or whatever it was called, an ass that farted on screen, everyone loved it. (except the dude from the past)

Look, the world is a hard thing to fully understand, with the politics, the power, the belief systems that have been held over for thousands and thousands of years (ancient mystery schools) but I will say this-- Hideo is one of the few to either get away with explaining, howbeit in a very sensational manner, some of the core elements in play with a new world order, a military state, technology supplanting free will, the human spirit through perseverance finding meaning through survival--- or he is possibly propagating the things that either he is mandated to tell or that he feels are coming. At the very least he is using real world topics for a frame of the stories. And yes I'm talking of things of a conspiritual nature.

The ID tagged guns thing--its real but its not mandated-- some people in power are trying to do exactly what is being explained in the game. Sorry if you guys think I'm a "loopy sci-fi fanboy" but its true, so dont trash what you dont get, and if you dont get it, its ok. But if Hideo's games feel a little too complicated, how complicated do you think the real thing is?

-edit 1-13 beyond criticism? of course it isnt-- but it is beyond your level of criticism, unless you think there's a wiki out there that will help you actually explain yourself-

FlamingTP5419d ago

Overwrought trash? Care to back up that statement with examples and logic buddy? I mean seriously most of us are open minded here. We may give you credit for some truth if it exists and you can prove it but otherwise the open zone is for you.

Rigmaster5419d ago

Overwrought trash ==> Not on the Xbox 360. Ever.


gintoki7775419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

convoluted or not it makes a kick ass game too bad Don Reisinger will never be as successful as a single metal gear solid game and kojima

edit* to that guy with the king slime avatar metal gear has not been milked until this year when xbox 360 wants to get its nose into things -_- thats why now it sounds like such a milked series. But really there have been alot more mario games and sonic games than mgs games

Defectiv3_Detectiv35419d ago

Because games are known for their well written storylines. Compared to most games, MGS4 is frickin' shakespeare. Who cares if its convoluted, it still gives you enough emotional investment to want to keep playing through and see what happens.

MGS is one of the few series where I actually don't want to skip the cutscenes. I would agree that they were a little long winded at times, and sometimes they went off on a tangent, but overall, it puts most games stories to shame.

Amplitude5419d ago

Greetings. I've come to remind you that - before adding to this conversation - you should realize that there are people in here who are saying that MGS4 has a bad story, and making fun of the MGS series for it.
If you were intelligent, you would realize that these people are either massive fanboys, or just naturally retarded.

Thanks! Proceed with the comments.

Tony P5419d ago

That's just some guy's opinion.

At least MGS is trying to do something beyond 'aliens have invaded! saddle up!" Most games can't move beyond rampant clichés and even when they do, can't craft a genuinely interesting story like MGS.

I confess the story can get far too complicated for my personal tastes (I preferred everything before MGS2 because it was grounded more in reality) but it's far from bad. So you won't find me calling Kojima a genius or MGS the best series ever. It is not the only game with a decent story. But it's good and gamers should take pride in mentioning this jewel of a series amongst a sea less audacious titles.