Capcom's MT Framework 2.0 Designed With External Use In Mind

MT Framework appears to be one of the prides of the Japanese game industry. Capcom's internal multiplatform game engine has produced some of the finest-looking games thus far this generation, and it's done so consistently on three platforms for the past few years.

The engine will be turning the big 2.0 with Lost Planet 2. So what's new? Zenji Nishikawa answers that in his latest 3D Game Fan Lecture article at Impress Watch

The article provides a look at the origins of the engine and where Capcom plans to take it from here, with commentary from Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi, Capcom programmers Satoshi Ishida and Masaru Ijuuin, and Capcom graphic designer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi.

Although MT Framework is just now turning 2.0, it's actually been through a number of iterations. The first version was used for Dead Rising in 2006. This was followed by version 1.1 for Lost Planet, version 1.2 for the PC version of Lost Planet, version 1.3 for Devil May Cry 4, and version 1.4 for Resident Evil 5.

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