LucasArts not planning to update more Monkey Island games

Destructoid writes: LucasArts doesn't plan to continue updating games in the Monkey Island franchise; but critical and financial success could lay the seeds for a continuation.

We recently spoke with Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition producer Craig Derrick via e-mail. In the interview, he voiced a deep appreciation of Monkey Island and a desire to continue updating the LucasArts classic series. Derrick supposed that an update to LeChuck's Revenge hinges on three factors: sales, reaction, and attraction.

"I think LeChuck's Revenge would be awesome to revisit, but at this time we have no plans for future updates," Derrick said.

"It all comes down to whether people like what we've done with the Special Edition and see the potential for future projects," he added in a later question. "Sales are definitely an important measurement of this, but so is fan and critical reaction to the game."

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mrv3213593d ago

This is stupid... it's like not remaking phsyconaugts in HD, I'd buy it even on disk... along with SOTC and Farenheight.