Battlefield 1943 Trailers & Release Date Update provides two Battlefield 1943 trailers and some updated release date information.


Battlefield 1943 Twitter:

"A lot of emails and organizing is going on to secure the release date. PSN and Live Arcade releases are a bit more tricky than a shelf one."

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TiKiMaN13592d ago

Really looking forward to this game! The maps look awesome. Hopefully there will be additional maps beyond the four that you can initially come with the game.

legendkilla3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

no doubt! at a price point of 15 bucks how could you go wrong?

mrv3213592d ago

Still no announcement on Ohmaha map pack. I'd pay just for that.

I also would like to see a couple other more jungle orientated maps.

Ermmm see warfare might be cool in a mode called 'he sank my battleship'

Where teams try and defend their Aircraft carrier from planes while the enemy attacks... and vice versa.

I just want to fly!

TiKiMaN13592d ago

An Omaha Map Pack would be awesome! I really think this has a lot of potential.

mrv3213592d ago

I only played 1942 for a while but are you like me thinking of the battle that 'could' in theory happen but never does.

Your on the American side, 4 people load into each of 3 landing craft, your machine gunner is firing blinding hoping to keep enemy snipers heads down, you are heading straight for the beach, a German shell bounces dangerously close to your craft thankfully luck and skill allows you to avoid, one of the landing craft wasn't so lucky a direct hit... the explosion was horrific shards of metal pinged against your side and your men are further drenched. You getting close, the ping of MG42's bullets are hitting your craft. You look behind you and once where the landing craft stood is now just flames. A moment before beaching your machine gunner is hit, blood covers your screen as another shell paces by your craft, left disoriented you open the doors and the whistle of bullets is horrific. you and two of your men make it to some cover left by your teams shelling.

You recieve orders to take out that artillery piece before another wave arrives. As the other landing craft prepares for an assault you prepare to take out the artillery piece... you order a man to run to the right, atractive German machine guns fire, you roll out of your fox holl as a scout you lock onto the artillery. Back on your battleship they use this to pin point the gun and take it out, but it was too late your fox hole was hit killing one man who was too scared too move.

The next wave is prepared and land with more of a success and tanks... As you push forward the numerous machine gun positions and anti tank personel proove overwhelming, forcing a change of tactics. Your main goal is to take out the MG so you and a medic fall back allmost to the water line, As a MG opens up fire you take out who ever is emplaced on it, you men move forward and secure the cliffside defences you move up to meet them only to find a funnel neck road which you must clear, tanks are useless artillery is out of range. You and 2 other men sabatours decide yo sneak upto the house at the end of the steet and plant charges... On the way you where ambushed by a single german, he take out one of you men, and you kill him. You finally make it to the end of the street un noticed realising a simple run in would be sucide you decide to go prone and plant charges all the way round the building. You order a charge to draw them to the windows, you blow the charges, killing many the few survivors walk out stumple and a thompson clip finishhes them off. ANy survivors inside are soon killed as the building collapses. You secure the point... now the final challenge, low on supplies you must take out the German HQ before reinforcement arrive, you Shermans are weak agains the Tiger tank emblaced next to the HQ... the fortified machine gun post prooves far too dangerous. You 'spot' a building used for resupply and troop defenses and order and barrage, taking this out leaves just the tiger and machine gun post. There's no way around it, the HQ must be secured... failure to do so would mean failure THIS BEACHHEAD MUST BE SECURED. So you gather up your troops outside the line of fire, handing out all ammo and health, this isn't enough a tune breaks out through someones mic 'glory glory what a hell of a way to die!' At which point the tank engine begin to roar, the guns reloaded and a chant began. A mist has fallen allowing cover.... You and your men run, as the tank come behind in support... Bullets wiz past leaving trails lining the sky. A man runs infront, and is hit you jump over his fallen body still singing the germans simply can't believe what they are seeing, this is suicide. You throw your grenade but it's explosion come to no use... your footsteps feel heavier you become out of breath but you charge none the less, most of your team are either dead or wounded leaving only you and your distraction from just after the landing. You both throw a grenade which lands directly into the MG nest... the gunfire stops... The tank is still a threat but a far lesser one without it's support. Victory surely is secure... but you notice neither of you have ammo left and both Shermans have been destroyed... your only hope is the anti tank device, your eyes scan the battlefield, there it is directly infront of the tiger, and it's MG, it's fully loaded... should either of you decide to run it'd be suicide... the a whisper from your partner, remember the landing sir! At which point he drops all his ammo weapons and armour and you look at one and another, hoping to find and alternative in each others eyes... but you find a void... You give a nod, your not pleased but this has to be done... He runs, and you follow shortly after, the MG and turret have been distracted and you pick up the RPG you click fire... nothing.... this although was a mere nano second lasted longer than anything before... you press again, and a fizzle of smoke stings your allready watered eyes... and the tank errupts in flame... success... the casualties where high, but the beach is secure... the mission saved... and Caen is soon to follow on the road to Berlin.

lindquist3592d ago

Too long, didnt read.

Tits. Yummie.

I Cant wait for this game!

TiKiMaN13591d ago

Battlefield 1943 Twitter:

"A lot of emails and organizing is going on to secure the release date. PSN and Live Arcade releases are a bit more tricky than a shelf one."