Zune 2.0 and Flash Zune Details Leaked

A editor ran into a Microsoft Zune employee who gave him the inside scoop on the Zune 2.0 and flash based Zune coming out in 2007.

The flash version will be "3 by 1.25 by 0.25 inches" in size, will be video capable and will have a screen which will cover 75 percent of the front. While Zune 2.0 will look like the current generation Zune but will be thinner and have a larger hard disk.

The Zune employee also revealed some hard numbers saying that 2.4 million next gen Zunes will be fabricated prior to the 2007 holiday season and about 2/3 of them will be the smaller flash units.

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eques judicii4260d ago

i'll probably replace my zune 1.0 when the 2.0 comes out..

Neutral Gamer4260d ago

We haven't had the Zune released over here in the UK yet mate, so I'm curious to know what you think of it. I've heard the user interface is pretty sweet.

Have you used an iPod, and if so, how does it compare in terms of use and sound quality?

I haven't got an iPod but I've been thinking about a new MP3 player. The fact that Apple and Microsoft have both recently talked about non-DRM music would definitely help to persuade people like me so I could play my music anywhere.

I'm a Napster user at the moment, I think the music subscription model is genius from an economic point of view - such great value for money in the long run and SO MUCH choice! I know Zune offer a subscription system as well. If Apple offered a subscription system I would have bought a Nano ages ago.

eques judicii4260d ago

the last firmware update really improved the functionality and the user interface works really well.. I'd like it to be a bit slimmer, so if they are going to release a slimmer one i'd say hold off til that one comes out.

the zune pass (subscription) is awesome and i once downloaded like 15 GB in one afternoon... i clear out the stuff i don't listen to of course, but it lets me listen to a lot of new stuff.

dfb19774260d ago

Havn't even had Zune 1.0 in the UK yet. Guess thats coming come with d/l video content on Xbox Live, Isn't it, Isn't it Microsoft.

Neutral Gamer4260d ago

Yeah mate, us UK users seem to get everything delayed. I wanna watch HD movies and programmes through Xbox Live with the same choice as the Yanks.

If we pay more for electronic items, the PS3 being a good example, then we should get more!

You listening Microsoft (and all other Tech companies)?

dfb19774260d ago

The problem is 80% of consumers in the UK are to reserved, we need to force the hand of these companies. The trouble you have is you'll never get enough people to bother themselves to do anything about it.
We're to reserved for our own good. Except a small portion to which I belong.

Neutral Gamer4260d ago

You're right Stewie, they don't call this great country, "Rip off Britain" for nothing!

Go ahead and set up an anti-reserved organisation or something similar and I'll join up. We've gotta stop complaining and start acting!

The Griffin clan is relying on you my son!

achira4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

lol, they throw every day a new version. crap stays crap. NaturalGamer if you want good sound quality, you should look for a mini-disc. they have far better sound quality.

Watapata4260d ago

The Zune is far from being a piece of crap Achira. I've owned one since shortly before Christmas time and have enjoyed it. I have owned Creative players in the past and frankly, the Zune is significantly easier to use. Additionally the larger screen is nice to have and the sound quality is above average for MP3 players and better than that of an iPod in my opinion. The only down sides are the size and relatively low resolution of the screen. If they made one with the same size screen, that was slimmer, and had the resolution of a Creative player it would be near perfect in my opinion.

Neutral Gamer4260d ago

One of my mates at uni had a Minidisc player and I have to admit it looked pretty sweet; all silver and sleek.

Hell of a lot better looking than Sony's attempts at an MP3 player over the last few years IMHO. Each to their own though.

Minidisc did seem like it offered some cool features and it did have that trendy and "exclusive" factor (mainly cos so few people bought one!), it's a pity it never really became the success it deserved to be.

Add Laserdisc to that same list ...

BIGBAER4260d ago

Well, my Wife's Zune. I bought here one for Christmas and she absolutely LOVES it. I do too.

I have a Creative Zen player and I have to say the Zune is far superior. The Zune's interface is excellent!

I'll replace my Creative Zen with a Zune 2 when it is released.

ben hates you4260d ago

zunes are very very high qaulity and good mp3's the only thing they arent popular like the ipod, but i love mine

snoop_dizzle4260d ago

all my legal music is in that format. I try to buy back(on cd) the illegal music i downloaded cause i hate the sound quality.

Neutral Gamer4260d ago

Yeah, at school and uni I did used to download MP3's illegally, although a lot of it was American music that no radio stations ever played in the UK. I thought of it more as a taster for if I'd like the album or not, which is why I only ever downloaded 2 or 3 from one particular album. If I liked them I'd go out and buy the album.

But in the last few years my conscience came into play and I also have been buying back all the songs I downloaded. It just feels good and I can finally sleep at night!

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