Sony's grand failure with the PSP Go

It's been known since E3 that the new system would debut at a $250 price point. That might seem reasonable for a new handheld system until one considers this is not a new system in any real shape or form. Instead, it's the same old system minus the UMD drive. That drive costs more to manufacture than the 16gb of memory that will be included with the Go. So where's that extra cost going?

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Biggunz3503d ago

meh...just another fanboi rant.

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jmare3503d ago

And that's exactly why it isn't overpriced. Everyone on this site and in the industry is looking at the PSP Go in the wrong way. It isn't meant to be a replacement for people that already have a PSP, but a way in to the Ipod Touch market. A 16GB Ipod Touch is $299, that's why the PSP Go is $249. The whole point is that it will sell at that price so why not make as much profit as possible and hopefully use that money to offset any losses to a PS3 price cut.

Syronicus3503d ago

Is a journalist really asking this question and being sincere? Seriousely? One could easily tell that R&D would be one place that money will go but also that the new PSPgo is going to be Sony's way to compete with the iPod. It's really not hard to tell where the cost is going... And it is not hard to tell anybody that this thing will sell like crazy in Japan, where Sony intends to make the most of it.

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xjxdoggggystyle3503d ago

for old tech...psp go = fail.....why keep makin rehashes of what...4/5 year old tech ..and then raise the price...and ...there is one game comin out for it....which ..i could care less metal gear solid ...give it to me on ps3.....not

Monchichi0253503d ago

I've been quite critical of Sony and there Marketing plan so far....and rightfully so, but I can't disagree one bit about the "GO."

It might not be a true new platform, but it will be a relaunch with a new concept. You gotta remember that there will be more money invested in marketing plans and promotions for the "Go."

And it is also a new hot concept, the whole digital download thing that they have to embrace in order to compete.

So A+ for Sony on the Go!!!

Milky3503d ago

It is a ridiculous price.

Parapraxis3503d ago

xjxdoggggystyle, how much is a DSi compared to a DS Lite?

na2ru13503d ago

But $200 would have been sweet spot. But then again, it's not a rehash of PSP 1000, so therefore, it's debatable. Regardless, however well it sells at launch doesn't matter. It's still going to sell something but with higher profit margin.

And of course, price will come eventually.

TheTwelve3503d ago

The PS3 has supposedly failed too, but at least the PS3 has clear evidence on the contrary. This fool is talking smack about the Go! even before it's come out. It's quite an amazing grab for hits, here.


Bnet3433503d ago

The PSP Go looks to be like a fine piece of technology. The only fail I see is the price.

IdleLeeSiuLung3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

The PSP accessory not being compatible with the PSP Go thing is just basically what MS does with Xbox accessories. The hard drive is just insanely priced, but at least there is a mod for it.

I agree with the article, for current owners of PSP there doesn't seem to be a reason (let alone strong enough to upgrade). Keep your money, at least you can buy 16GB memory sticks on the cheap with the introduction of a new format.

The biggest selling point though is the fact that it is portable, but then you realized you are chained to power socket and a charger....

Mindboggle3503d ago

Sony cant do nothing without it being a grand failure so just ignore this as its a stupid fanboy rant to gain hits to their crappy site and lets move on

talltony3503d ago

sony released the psp 2 with backwards compatability and dual joysticks instead.

sniper-squeak3503d ago

Nah, way too early for the PSP 2, what they should have done is released the PSP-3000 after the 1000 and missed the 2000 out.

And they should have released the 3000 at E3 '09 as a "slim" to the origional PSP just like they did for PS1 and PS2. What with the brilliant line up of games for the PSP, what more can you want?

And as for the GO, if that was £100/$150, it would sell better than anything out there. Sadly we don't live in such a world...

ARBitrator3503d ago

Man, you're such a fanboy.

You use to try to appear neutral when you first started to use this site, you have since become as blatant as the others.

Anything sony does, you're always trying to shine some sort of bright light on it. There is no way the PSP-go is going after the "Touch" market. They are two totally different things for two totally seperate purposes.

I can't see myself out jogging with a bulky a$$ psp go strapped to my shoulder. Additionally, if your analogy isn't off base, perhaps sony has lost it's focus, perhaps instead of competing in the MP3 market, they should be trying to better compete with the DS.

With that being said, the PSP-GO is overpriced by at least 75 bucks.

talltony3503d ago

No I dont think its too early. As long as it plays older psp games with backwards compatability along with new hardware to play psp 2 games. I wouldnt mind if they released a psp 2. personally i am dissapointed that the psp doesnt have dual joysticks and I know they would only add another joystick with a new psp all together.

cherrypie3503d ago

Not "another fanboy rant" - its pretty much the opinion of the gaming press, analysts and objective game players.

$250 is about $100-150 *too much* for this device.

It is a rip-off.

Headshot813503d ago

What the hell is up with all these [email protected] Blogs!, if you don't like it buy the old one simple as that. They act like little girls", look at that price tag honey", man up and stop crying. You know how cool it is to go anywhere and download any game you want! and the size of that thing with those graphics. The same reason people want to buy new more expensive ipods (eventhough they're the samething), is the same reason people would want to buy an upgraded psp, they just want whats new out there. News for gamers, not blogs for gamers. get it sraight.

Sarcasm3503d ago


Cut you're 360 fanboy crap already. Always trolling in Sony news.

If you want to talk about rip-off, then talk to the poor consumers who have to buy a $100 wifi, and pay $100 for a 60gb HDD, or Pay $50 a year to play online while millions of others like PC/PS3 gamers are playing it for FREE.

The PSP-Go is "Overpriced" sure, but it's far from being a rip-off. One can argue, the iPod is a rip-off for $300. Sure you can load tons of music and movies on it and play stupid mini games, but that's about it. The PSP-Go can do music, movies, and Full experienced games with actual FACE BUTTONS, and do it for $50 less.

While I agree that the PSP-Go should have been $229 or $200, the simple fact is that nobody's forcing anyone to buy it because the PSP-3000 is still available. So the idiot who complains about paying $249 for the PSPGo should sit down and think, they should have just got a PSP-3000.

Strikepackage Bravo3503d ago

NO ONE wanted this thing, Sony made it to offset ps3 losses and hopefully allow them to drop the ps3 price. This is another example of sony doing what they want instead of what it's customers want.

Hopefully no one will buy it, but I'm sure if just 1000 of them a year sell Sony will make a fortune.

ChrisGTR13503d ago

omg so many fanboys in here. the price is ridiculous and its just sad that ps fanboys are trying to downplay it.

xjxdoggggystyle3503d ago

i may dig this up here in few months when psp is totally dead and failed at there handheld and this is the nail that will seal the coffin .....rehashing old tech...for higher sure this will sell as the ps3....heh

nycredude3503d ago

I hope you have words like that for the Wii because that tech is pretty much last gen tech. Just saying you better spread the hate.

xjxdoggggystyle3503d ago

diffrence is noob.......ds + dsi wipes there shoes with psp.....psp = treading water to stay alive

GarandShooter3503d ago

It's launching at the same price point as the original PSP did but 4 years later. Factor in inflation and...

The current economic climate may be Sony's largest hurdle.

XxZxX3503d ago

how much is an ipod touch. nuff said.

kewlkat0073503d ago

You serious and you think the Cost and the redesign of this, using new Proprietary connections doesn't cost anything?

So the Go!! is a sacrificial lamp for the future PS3 price-cut.

harrisk9543503d ago

I'm not arguing that the price is good, but this guy is just parroting what Patcher said on Bonus Round on Gametrailers... doesn't anyone have an original thought in their brains anymore... the modern media is pathetic.

GameGambits3503d ago

Price is too high for a handheld console. For 250 you can get a Wii or Xbox 360. That's NOT how it should work for prices sorry to say.

I am getting a PSP this year though, but too bad for Sony it will be the 3000 and not the GO. It's just too much cash. :(

TheReaper423503d ago

"one considers this is not a new system in any real SHAPE or FORM."

one should consider what he types and give it a good LONG thought before hitting the submit button.

jmare3503d ago

@ ARBitrator: If I'm a fanboy, then I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine, his name is Mr. Kettle. I have never once claimed to be "neutral", I have my preferences and I don't pretend to be a fan of anything I'm not. I don't troll 360 articles all day, every day so I fail to see your logic. Oops, I forgot, you don't understand logic, it's too advanced for you. Also, I am basing my comments on further clarification provided by Sony spokespeople when responding to the PSP Go's price. Regardless of what you, or I, or anyone think about the price, this is what Sony is planning for this device.

@ kewlkat007: What R&D? The PSP Go doesn't have any new features. The design is similar to the mylo so there is little in design costs, so what R&D was there again?

Jaces3503d ago

Not going to judge anything till it comes out, anything could change...including the price which is what I'm hoping for. ehehehe.

littletad3503d ago

It's a consumer rip off. No matter how many users with dozens of accounts try to say with agrees, it is a consumer rip off.

Syronicus3502d ago

the cry babies come out of the woodwork when Sony releases something outside of their price range but the fans, the true fans of Playstation come out in droves and buy their products. I remember when the cry babies told Sony to take the PS3 back tot he drawing board because the PS3 was too expensive... And look at it now. The PSPgo will sell like crazy, and folks like me who enjoy PS games will buy one. If you don't like it or cannot afford it, then don't buy one and quit your complaining.

A lot of people pointing fingers at Sony fanboys here for defending the price of the PSPgo but I certainly remember the defense of the 360 when it was in full RROD swing. I can remember the denial that went on for two years before MS released the press statement and free warranty... But guess what? You all bought that 360 like I did. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Plain and simple.

callahan093502d ago

Not giving them the hits, so I've not read the article. Do they have any evidence to back up their claim that a the 16GB of memory costs less than the UMD drive? I'd imagine a UMD drive doesn't cost much at all to manufacture. But a 16GB Memory Stick Pro Duo still retails for 100 bucks. That's not manufacturing cost, I know, but it costs more than half the cost of a PSP as it is, and I guarantee you that the UMD drive does not account for nearly half of the manufacturing cost of a PSP.

The reason the PSP Go is 250 dollars is because it's a new unit launch. New units take a lot of time and money in R&D, and at launch you have to charge the most you can to recoup those costs. Price drops are basically inevitable within the first year of a new product launch, because they can reduce the price to manufacturing cost. At the outset, they have to charge well above manufacturing cost to recoup some of the R&D cost.

Matpan3502d ago

Same Hardware is expected to become cheaper as time goes by and redesigns follow. Sure you can add some gimmicks to it, but at it´s core, is the same console... And they are charging it more expensive.

Sony might be competing against a more expensive ipod touch as many say... I think this is nonsense... PSP is on another league, it´s a gaming console, don´t try to vamp it and make it a multimedia gimmick while we see game developer support stall... I rather have sony keep it up as a console on it´s own right than try to make it enter a segment of the market apple has clearly won from the start...

Redesigns are meant to cheapen production costs and that is ought to be translated to the final price, that is the normal bussines practice, not the other way arround.

As far as I see it, sony is forcing people to buy the same thing (with an ugly redesign and no mind blowing new feature) for a higher price... Old PSP stock will dry out and while this console will sell ok in Japan (Japan buys almost everything that has electronics in it :P) I don´t see it doing too well worldwide.

Ryudo3502d ago

Say what you want about Microsoft but you can buy 2 Xbox 360's new for the price of 1 PSP go here in the UK. Tell me again who is the devil company the one that steals multi billion corporation idea's, Or the company that rips off children?

edgeofblade3502d ago

I know what people are saying about where the PSP is "targeted", but think of how many people upgrade to the next DS when it comes out. Why isn't Sony getting some of that pie?

Because they priced it to compete with some gadget there really is no competing with right now. Instead, embrace the upgraders, lower the price like this article is suggesting, and reap the rewards of selling more hardware.

TheReaper423502d ago

hang on ryudo let me take my xbox360 outside on the balcony to play games and enjoy the weather. OH WAIT! i can't do that because only the nintendo DS and PSP can do that *gasp*

if the sale of the psp go is super low, then of course they'll lower the price sooner or later. Is someone sticking a gun to your head n forcing you to buy it? If you're not even planning on buying it, why bother with it at all.

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Parapraxis3503d ago

"So where's that extra cost going?"
Into Sony's pockets.

They are not discontinuing the old PSP models.
Build a bridge and get over it crybabies.

locos853503d ago

Just because it's Sony they consider this a fail. Why don't they question the ridiculous prices of the 360 wireless adapter or the HDD. 249 isn't that big of deal to me. I have a PSP 3000, but love the size of the GO and the 16 gig that it brings with it.

Let the damn thing release first before any of us call it a failure or a success.

I honestly think that those that complain and talk about the doom and gloom are those that really want the product but are upset that they can't afford to buy one

Dread3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )


this has nothing to do with the 360. why the hell do u need to bring the console war into this thread.

in every article critical of Sony a sony fanboy has to sling dirt at the 360. get a life.

On point: i would never buy the psp go because it has no disks and no second analogue. I like the concept of download, but i want both options.. i collect games so hard media is a must. I'll keep my psp slim thx


Willio3503d ago

PSP Go needs cell phone functions.. i would buy it even if it was $400. Skype is nice but not enough hot spots for wifi and i would rather pay monthly service than pitstopping at a local wifi spot.

Myst3503d ago

To those who travel on a daily basis this is pretty much for them, lugging around a few UMDs while carrying a brief case and whatever else package will give some attention to the PSP Go! The battery life is more than likely a put -off but they may be near battery outlets anyway. Mostly it's not for those with UMDs, and certainly not for those who play games that require you use your thumb for analog and finger for the D-Pad

*Cough* Monster Hunter *Cough*

locos853503d ago

That's exactly why I want to get a PSP Go! I hate having to carry around my UMDs. Also I think the current PSP is too big to just be carrying it around in my pocket. This once screams portability just like the DSi

Myst3503d ago

Huh I got two disagrees? Oh well.

Yeah that was one of the reasons why I wanted a Go, since I would be doing some traveling later on. Though seeing as I've already invested in at least 5 UMDs I figured I'd just get the 3000, though it is much lighter than the 1000. It's all the same, it's still portable, just in a different sense of the word. Though the Go itself seems to be more or less a way better portable version more so than the 1-3 k models.

silvacrest3503d ago

just hack a PSP 2000 and get 32GB micro SD (yes, its possible)

then you have a light wait PSP with double the space of a GO which is also much cheaper

Topshelfcheese3503d ago

Why don't people complain when a apple product comes out for 400 dollars?

If you don't agree with the price than don't buy it. Simple as that

Sarcasm3503d ago

I'm sure MS could come out with a handheld with half the features missing of a PSP or PSP Go, but sell it for $200 and the 360 fanboys will do back flips and sing 'Bam! There it is' all day.

36T3503d ago

It would still be cheeper then the PSPgo with probably better features (Live?)

Why you defending Sony so much. Do you work in their marketing division? You're doing a terrible job if you do.

Sony rocks my world! (put you're name here)