Console Exclusives: How Do You Feel About Them? "At E3 a couple of weeks ago, it was announced that the Xbox 360 would get a new map pack for the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 before other systems. This kind of thing isn't uncommon in terms of the wider industry, but does it actually affect anything? The question I am posing today is whether there being system exclusives makes you more interested or less in the game and the system as a whole."

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PirateThom3596d ago

I think exclusive content, timed exclusive content and, hell, timed exclusive games are the most backwards thing to ever happen to gaming.

I think exclusive games are necessary, they show off what a system is capable of because there's no compromises. Developers can focus on strengths, rather than adapting for the weaknessness of multiple platforms. They give a system its indentity and are a reason to buy it.

HighDefinition3596d ago

Exclusive Games- Yes.

Exclusive(timed)Games- Is stupid, but whatever.

Exclusive DLC- No.

Cajun Chicken3596d ago

Exclusive games by INHOUSE developers yes. Third party no, because third party means that the franchise and title is free to jump around to any system.

Basically, I bought my PS3 for exclusives.