Bandai Namco To Announce Macross Ultimate Frontier

PSPHyper:"Don't think anyone will be surprised with this, Macross Ace Frontier sold extremely well when it first launch in Japan last year and a year later, we are going to get a sequel called Macross Ultimate Frontier. Among the animes that are set to be included in the game are Do You Remember Love?, Flash Back 2012, Macross Plus, Macross 7, Macross Dynamite 7, Macross Frontier and Macross Zero. A couple of mechs from PS2 (Macross VF-X 2) and Dreamcast (Macross M3) games are also included.

The new elements include new characters, a new feature called "Missile Alert", a new operator called Venon and also the inclusion of scenes from previous anime titles. Macross Ultimate Frontier is currently 70% done and coming to Japan this fall."

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shocky163593d ago

bu-bu-but i thought the PSP was dead? what now trolls?

IdleLeeSiuLung3592d ago

Well what other portable system could a Macross game be released on that makes sense?

Seriously who thinks the PSP is dead? It just isn't selling as well as the DS, it's only other real competitor.

jams_shop3593d ago

I gotta say, Bandai Namco is deeply in love with the PSP.

Myst3593d ago

*places hands in palms and just weeps*

So many PSP games to get, I seriously will have to carry that thing in my book bag all through the school year now...Looks like Monster Hunter won't be getting all my attention.

njmzhang3592d ago

Hi, Namco, when do you release ACE7 on PS3?

Nugundam00793592d ago

What happened to ACE 4 5 6?

Are you talking about Another Century's Episode?

Or ACE combat?

TheBand1t3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I'd be set for a year if they gave me AC7.

I'm a frickin' BEAST with a MiG-31.

spunnups3592d ago

it's a real shame they don't add trophies to the psp as well, trophy whores would have a ton of games to play this year.