Uwe Boll responds to 9/11 'Postal' criticism, pats himself on back

In his response to criticism over the clip, Boll self-righteously calls his film a "necessarily wake-up call" and compares it to Monty Python's masterpiece, Life of Brian. That's right, a movie based on an utterly boring video game is in the same league as one of the greatest comedy touchstones in history.

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FreeMonk4262d ago

Uwe Boll is a complete tool! How can he compare Postal to Life of Brian, one of the all time comedy masterpieces?

I'd compare Postal to House of the Dead or Alone in the Dark in my opinion....oh wait!!!!

Alymon4262d ago

He's just looking for publicity. The more controversial crap he throws in there, the more publicity he gets. Whether its negative or positive, it will boost sales.

MissAubrey4262d ago

how does he keep making movies?!?!?!?!

Bad_Karma4262d ago

His movies will NEVER be in the same league as monty python movies and where the hell do you get given a name like Uwe Boll ? it sounds prehistoric.

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