God Of War countdown ends

That mysterious God of War countdown page, the City of Rhodes one, it's hitting zero today. Well technically it will be midnight, but it will still be today in California.

The site isn't about the PSP game, according to the SCEA folks. So that seems to leave an empty marketing gimmick for a game that's already out or a PS3 game.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4265d ago

announce the ps3 game.
announce the ps3 game.
announce the ps3 game.
announce the ps3 game.

Violater4265d ago

Lets all Have some fun with this,
Lets all Take guesses what it is.

Ico4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

the ps3 game was already announced... I think.

what I think it is a video of the ps3 game or it tell us there is already avaiable a Gow demo on the psn. I think of the second choice because the coutdown matches with the PSN upgrade...

shysun4265d ago


techie4265d ago

ps3 game has not been announced but it is in development...script just about there is what i i doubt it's the ps3 version...maybe just a teasure of it though, maybe? Obv no gameplay.

GameP1mp4265d ago

I'm gonna say and hope its the PS3 game announcement!!

nix4265d ago

my guess is - it's the part two of GOW2... q:

the end continues!

techie4265d ago

wow only 46minutes for's region bound so you'll have to let us all know...or maybe we should wait for the surprise...

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The story is too old to be commented.