Bizarre on Blur: 'Underneath, it's PGR4'

Good news for Project Gotham Racing fans: Bizarre Creations says Blur, its upcoming new racer, is still a hardcore sim at heart despite the addition of arcade-style power-ups.

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vhero3597d ago

Well lets be honest PGR aint the best racer but 360 fanboys will disagree.. It's more in the NFS level of racers..

creeping judas3597d ago

Wow 1st post and you have to make it about fanboys.


LinuxGuru3597d ago

Why don't they just call it:

"Project Gotham Racing: BLUR"

PirateThom3597d ago

Microsoft own the PGR IP, as far as I'm aware.

I never played PGR4, but PGR3 was a good game.

Xi3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

including the name, and rights to the kudos system in the game.

Cajun Chicken3597d ago

Didn't they also make Metropolis Street Racer on Dreamcast?
Wasn't PGR basically MSR...and now Blur is PGR4 underneath?

I'm glad that Bizzare still own the Geometry Wars license.

Nelson M3597d ago

This Game is Gonna be a Stinker