Problems with Marvel UA Xbox DLC

So April 10th has come and gone, and the new characters for Marvel Ultimate Alliance on the Xbox 360 are a no-show, despite the date emblazoned on the preview trailer. Said trailer has since been pulled from Xbox Live Marketplace.

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Havince4262d ago

so it could be weeks till we get it. and with the halo 3 beta approaching fast im gonna end up not giving a darn

atleast i shud be thankful i NEVER downloaded the patch

highps34262d ago

Saints Row
Dead Rising

The list goes on for games that have huge bugs in them... PS3 has none of this in any of its game... Gundam was a mess however..

Sorry but the 360 is no longer allowed to say its easy to develop for

Havince4262d ago

saint row and dead rising didnt have bugs