IncGamers: G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra Preview

IncGamers' Chris Schilling has a hands on with the DS version of the movie tie-in.

From the preview:

As a game of a film of a Hasbro toy, you might reasonably expect GI Joe to be targeted at a fairly young audience. In which case, lines like "our new friends are nothing if not entrenched in symbolism" and talk of terrorist splinter cells would surely cause the odd quizzical look among the tween market. But when said movie has been described by its star (current hunk-for-hire Channing Tatum) as "a cross between X-Men, Transformers and Mission: Impossible", perhaps Joe is skewing a little older these days.

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Fyzzu3596d ago

Wow. That doesn't sound nearly as bad as expected.

Leord3596d ago

Well, the movie trailer looks very cool.

I'd give this a shot.

Malfurion3596d ago

Looks pretty decent actually, I'm looking forward to the film though :D