19 Things You Didn't Notice: AMN Break's Down the Halo 3 Multiplayer Footage

From Advanced Media Network:

"Today, Bungie unleashed a sweet, sweet surprise upon the gaming world: the world's first look at Halo 3's highly-anticipated multiplayer mode. The new footage comes in the form of a 7-minute video documentary called "Is Quisnam Protero Damno!"

We're all Halo fans here, so we've done the same thing any other self-respecting Halo nut would do: we've watched the "Vidoc," as Bungie calls it, 100 times. Okay, maybe not that many times. But we've re-watched it enough to draw some conclusions and make some observations that only a paranoid and obsessive Halo fan could come up with. Plus, we've outlined some new facts about Halo 3 that the footage reveals.

Check out all 19 of those bad boys below."

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GameJunkieJim4263d ago

See you all on the 16th of May.

shotputking4263d ago

“We Need to be as Good as Halo 2”
At one point in the documentary, a Halo 3 designer makes the statement that “We need to be either as good as Halo 2 or even better.” While we love Halo 2, we do find it interesting that Bungie, internally, has made Halo 2 their “benchmark” and not Halo 1. Why the surprise? Didn’t a Bungie employee recently rant about how much Halo 2’s multiplayer sucked (his words, not ours)? Considering that statement, one would think the developer preferred Halo 1, so if that’s the case, why are they aspiring to best Halo 2 and not the original Halo? Do they feel Halo 1 is out of their league?

well, they probably are using halo 2 as their benchmark becuase HALO 1 WAS NOT XBOXLIVE EQUIPPED.

PS360PCROCKS4262d ago

lol yea I was thinking about that, they can model the gameplay after the single player not the multi, and I never played Halo 2 online but since when does Halo 2 online suck?

eques judicii4262d ago

kinda silly to compare the halo 3 online multiplayer to halo 1..

shotputking4262d ago

a while ago bungie said that halo 2 was not as good as halo 1 becuase it was rushed, and not as polished as it could have been. and they said that's why they're taking their time with halo 3. it's just a way to hype up halo 3 for those of us that were disappointed with 2 when compared to 1.

grunt3604262d ago

Argh why do people seem to think that the shield bubble and the so-called trip-mine are separate items? The shield bubble is the x button which when deployed makes a temporary shield as the name obviously suggests. One designer said that you can drop it on the floor at the last second to blow up a vehicle. The way it happens is the force of the shield bubble going up blows the vehicle up and blows it up. Just like a grenade deploying under a warthog. THEY AREN'T SEPARATE!

Smellslikepie4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

Erm, you do know that the 'so called trip mine' was actually referred to as a trip mine by the developers, don't you? The shield device and the trip mine are both mapped to the X button, I assume that you'll have to use the D-Pad to choose which to use. Watch the video again, the trip mine looks different to the shield grenade.

So you don't have to watch it all again:

"Say you start getting hit by a battle rifle from behind, and say you have a bubble shield and you drop it; all of a sudden you're completely shielded from the guy that was firing on you. Or you have a trip mine and you realise a warthog is barelling towards you, and you deploy the trip mine at the last second. And yes, you die, but you take out those damn B*stards that just ran you over."

Amplifier4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

Smellslikepie for getting that out there, because I was going to let him know that he needed to watch that video again, they are VERY different items which means that we are getting more stuff to play with this go around in the Halo universe.

Extra Guy4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

That does souns plausible, however didn't they look different to eachother though? I'm not sure so you might be right, i'll go and find out.

This is probably the most disappointing dissection of a trailer i've seen thus far. Usually i miss loads of things but as was stated above pretty much everything was common sense. I just hope in the final product they animate things like picking up weapons and flags etc. like GoW and other games; it would really polish the game and is so simple. Still i trust that will happen, for Alpha footage i'm impressed.

EDIT: Damn you got there first Smellslikepie

_insane_cobra4262d ago

The footage is of the alpha build and many things are bound to change by the time the game is finished.

grifter0244262d ago

Hmm... Good stuff.. But like you said it was really dumb things.. What im wondering about is.. Since your weapons show up on your body when you switch... If you have a BR and an Assult rifle... You Sling the BR which shows up on your back right... So you have the AR rifle out.. What happens to the AR when you pick up a Objective item? Ball, Flag?? Do you drop it or? Does it disappear.? Thats what Ive been thinking about.. Bungie Said you would be able to see everyones weapons.. So?? Plus when the blue team was runing up to the Base with the Turret.. I think it was the first scene with all the Blue guys.. In the back there was a Spartan with the Spartan Laser or whatever..?? Did they take out the Rockets alltogethor? Or can someone have the Laser and the Rockets?

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