E3's Top 10 Underdogs

TGH writes:
"E3 2009 may be long gone at this point, but there are obviously still games that people are talking about. This isn't a list of those games. E3 isn't all about big announcements for even bigger games - it's about the industry as a whole, both "big" and "little" games alike. Unfortunately, every year, a handful of really great games, with a lot of potential get swallowed up in the media storm that surrounds the "Halo"'s, the "Mario"'s, and the "anything-with-Snake-in-it"'s. This list is here to make sure you don't forget the little games; you know the ones that might not make too many Top 10 lists, (I hear there's only a certain number of spots on those) and hopefully don't get picked over when their release date comes along. These are the Top 10 Underdogs of E3 2009 (or the best of what you didn't see)..."

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jsoncip383596d ago

Thats a good looking list there - proof that there's so many good games at E3

bitboi3595d ago

hooray for the little guys!