Natal Does Not Require A Hard-Drive

SKOAR! writes"project natal which is touted as one of the driving features of Microsoft's next generation project will be backward compatible with all released SKUs including the arcade which retails sans the hard-drive."

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Nice3593d ago

People will still look absolutely absurd playing this...I ve nothing against this tech but the demos make me look back and ponder on the importance of controllers...maybe its for the best the community has some form of barrier not to let the entire jungle participate in our world...

Shadow Flare3593d ago

Im not suprised it doesn't need a hard drive. Eyetoy doesn't and they're basically the same thing

281219863593d ago

what I thought about the Wii,but after playing SSBM I felt the same way, if at the end of the day for your core base you have to drop the gimmick and use the controller like a regular one, it does not maek too much sense, sure anyone's grandpa will love it but it not meant for the core, the exp was good but I could not hold onto it...

gaffyh3593d ago

It most likely requires some sort of storage to store facial/voice recognition data. Which means it will only use a few mb of data like there is on the memory card

spongeboob3593d ago

It's not the hardware that requires the hard drive space it is the software. It doesn't matter to me anyways because true gamers use controllers and i have learned not to fall for all the PR BS these companies try to pull.

eagle213593d ago

I agree with Miyamoto, Sony, and "the fanboys" that real games need a physical controller (with buttons on it). I don't think natal will be a success in reality (delusional internet media, maybe). Nintendo and Sony have and have had the right ideas about motion and it's use. The best of Wii games (top rated) share traditional control with moderate "waggle" or motion used effectively. MS has a casual market approach that makes even Wii Sports look hardcore

NATAL-FTW3593d ago

You guys have nothing better to do than bag on NATAL. Why don't you go comment on some Killzone 2 or Little big planet article...Oh yeah I forgot no one cares about those games any more.

Your trolling wont convince people that NATAL will fail and Microsoft is evil.

: )...Plus the Sony purple thing that looks like a dill will do just fine.

eagle213593d ago

You fail. Lipz, scene it, banjo, natal = fail. :)

LittleBigPlanet won GOTY. You fail as usual.

MicroSony4Life3593d ago

Hope they have a midnight launch.

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100003593d ago

I always thought this was a joke,MS is almost a generation late with camera tech...I still dont know why ppl are so excited after seeing a crappy Milo demo, The EYEtoy could pull off the demo at E3 ages ago...

Nice3593d ago

for once stop tinkering with a concept, no one knows hos its going to be at the end of the day...

richie007bond3593d ago

Sounds like sour grapes to me, if you were a Gamer you would embrace new exiting tech, lose the Fanboy and be a Gamer thats whats its all about at the end of the day, does Sony pay your bills by any chance ... No.. didnt think so. Gamer First Hater last

StanLee3593d ago

Please shut the hell up fanboy. Seriously.

paul03883593d ago

That the Milo demo was staged. The animations don't coincide with the motion. Seriously though, I would prefer 1:1 movement. The Sony motion control was less flashy, but more functional and was doing what the Wii was supposed to do from Day 1.

Gamers before Haters, I based this comment off observation, which is exactly what it is. I save my judgment until I play both...

beans3593d ago

Then take off your fanboy goggles and observe again. Natal is more then Milo so get over your hatred. The odd jealousy on this site is crazy lol.

"The Sony motion control was less flashy"

More flashy how? Natal= 1 camera only, Sony motion control= 1 camera+ a wand.

Godmars2903593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Your point? Several review sites have already joked about "the man behind the curtain" during Milo's behind closed doors demo.

I really wish that 360 fanboys would take off their goggles as well.

Until Joe Consumer who never thought of buying a 360 alone is buying one for Natal, it is not the Second Coming. Will not be such all by itself.

paul03883593d ago

As in the fact that Microsoft hyped their Unfinished Natal beyond belief and it was the talk of E3. That was why it was less flashy then the PS3 version which was simply announced. It may not look as nice, but I see more possibilities with Sony's product. They have only Shown Natal in optimal conditions. To amaze me, I would love to see this product in the middle of a busy family's living room, with mom, dad & the dog running around. Will Natal still work as shown??? I for one know no matter how busy the environment is, because of its design, the Sony one SHOULD work. Ever see one of those goofy suits motion capture guys wear that have those white balls on it? Hell, that white ball at the end of the Sony controller resembles one, no? And considering what is was doing, 1:1 motion, I would infer that motion capture tech and Sony's new controller are intimately related. Am I wrong?

3593d ago
paul03883593d ago

You must have a lot of time on your hands. Who cares if he posted on 15 Natal articles. Is it your problem? No. That's what I thought. Your post was useless just as this one is in pointing out your nonsense. Fangirl... (see avatar lolz jk)

36T3593d ago

@ paul0388

Get a life. Are you 10 years old? Why are you here if you hate the idea of Natal?

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822119863593d ago

seems a bit off track, I mean how accurate is the Wii in its motion control.Nintendo had to release an add on to make changes...

822119863593d ago

but I wonder if its gonna be exorbitantly priced...

100003593d ago

technology,I doubt they'll charge for and before ya know it they announce a price cut..

user39158003593d ago

Dont be embarassed and hug your pink dildos while Im on 3D zone.

100003593d ago

Being a gamer requires to pick and choose sides , its always ppl like us that support a console, It is ppl like us that keep the dreamcast alive to his date...anyway Natal is nothing new is wat I mean to say its just a rehashed concept...

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