The Dracula Files, Developer Diary #3

Gamezebo writes: "Hey there vampire lovers (and haters)! eGames Product Manager Greg Zesinger here checking in to give you the latest scoop on the ongoing development of The Dracula Files!

Since our last visit, we've been finalizing the order of some of the mini-games as they appear during the adventure. As we build mini-games for you in The Dracula Files, our goal is to deliver a fun diversion from the main seek and find gameplay. At the same time, we don't want to stick a mini-game in there just for the sake of doing it. We want to provide a mechanic that makes sense within the context of the game with the successful completion of each illustrating more of our story. However, we also recognize that some of our players prefer to skip past these types of diversions, so we are planning to give you that option.

Anyway, we hit a bit of a hiccup in the placement of one particular vampire-related mini-game. If it was placed where the story dictated, it would bump up against another mini-game, and we felt that was too much too close together. After some brainstorming, we took the story on a slight detour, placing the mini-game in a more balanced position. I'm pretty pleased with the new twist, as it provides some new insight into Draco and his followers."

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