28% of US homes have HDTV: report

Washington (DC) - More than a quarter of US households now own a high definition TV set, according to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

Approximately 35 million HDTVs are in American homes today, according to the trade group, and another 16 million are expected to be added to the tally by the end of 2007.

CEA, which is responsible for putting together he Consumer Electronics Show (CES), says that 86% of those with a hi-def set are "highly satisfied" with their TV.

Last year, Frank N. Magid Associates reported that only about 15% of households had an HDTV, but projected that number would climb rapidly.

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shotputking4263d ago

i think this 28% figure may be off by quite a bit... 35,000,000 is a lot in a country of about 300,000,000... let's say the average household has 4, so let's say there are 75,000,000 households, a generously small number... looks good so far, until you take into account houses like the one my roommates and i are renting for the time being... there is 4 of us, and 6 hd tvs in our house alone...

ITR4263d ago

Not many folks will have 4 HDTV's.
Most are lucky to have just one.

28% seems about right.
Last I heard in Jan. it was 26%.

SmokeyMcBear4263d ago

haha seriously, yeah the AVERAGE household has around 4 people, right, well 4.5(2.5 kids), Most likely at least what I have seen is almost every friends house I go to, there is the HDTV in the family room, the TV the whole family can enjoy, and they have the older TV sets in the individual rooms.

kewlkat0074263d ago

or how they come to the conclusion, but I know more people without an HDTV then I do people with one. Prices are coming down tho. I have a 27 inch Samsung HD Tube with HDMI, but it does the job.

People hardly see a difference right now, if they don't watch HD media or have HD cable, which is extra money. I still have basic cable(saving some money), and only been watching the Over-the-Air HD channels and New England Patriots games..and such

I know for one thing out of that 28% I know it's not no 15-21 year old that went out and bought exclusively an HD set for his bedroom/dormatory to play HD gaming.

snoop_dizzle4263d ago

how many people that have HD cable or satlite etc, and don't even use the proper cables for hi def. A lot of people think they are watching things in high def, and they actually aren't.

Caxtus7504260d ago

lol ye! ike my grandparents....the have SKY HD but wernt using the HD cable until i did it for them!!

always the ignorant who get it i tell thee lol.