World of Warcraft: Upcoming Profession Changes

Bornakk announced earlier that a whole host of changes to epic gems and professions are on their way to World of Warcraft with patch 3.2, which is expected to arrive on the Public Test Servers soon.

Players will see big changes to Alchemy and an addition of more epic gems, which can also be obtained through prospecting the rare Titanium ore. All professions will be receiving nice 'perks' too.

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Maticus3593d ago

About time, although the 'perk' for blacksmithing isn't very exciting.

Leord3593d ago

Bit disappointing. Blacksmith through and through myself. started as Armorsmith, and I rarely change.

Dorjan3593d ago

I'm glad it's not too many changes

Leord3593d ago

I like the Alchemy changes. Great for my alt.

BRG90003593d ago

Yep as an alchemist who doesn't arena, I'm really excited about these changes.

Malfurion3593d ago

The PTR will be up sometime this week, can't wait to try out the new druid forms!

As for these changes, I'm glad to bee the addition of epic gems to titanium. It might actually be worth the cost now...

Fyzzu3593d ago

More evolution. Now just to wait and see how much weeping there is over these changes.

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