INTERVIEW: Sony Online's Worldwide Quest

Sony Online Entertainment's new executive hire wants to increase the firm's international footprint, but with stiff global competition is it too little too late? And how the hell does WoW make it look so easy? Click through for the exclusive Next-Gen interview.

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VirtualGamer4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

that SOE while trying to focus on these new markets don't take anything away from what they are doing for the NA market.

I currently play EverQuest 2 and while its a good game its lacking in a few areas that I think need to be standards for these type of games going forward.

1. Buying items - Players need to be able to see what these items actually look like on their character or in there home. World of Warcraft does this in a great way by allowing players to see how the piece of armor or weapon they are considering buying looks like on your character before you buy it. With your character representing you in the game and the amount of time one invests in building it up this is a must have feature.

2. Characters that can interact with furniture. In other words sit on chairs, lay on beds etc.

3. Photerealism is a nice goal but if it limits what you can do as far as armor sets and actual looks then it fails. Players of MMO's want to look unique and not the same as everyone else. The more that MMO' developers can allow players to do this the more successful their game will be. The original Everquest had multiple looks for a certain peice of armor. It was based on race. I would also like it to be based on class as well. In EQ2 its background is set up as a conflict between Qeynos (good) and Freeport (evil). Yet visually looking at a Paladin of the same level from Qeynos as a Shadowknight from Freeport wearing the same armor look identical. Shadowknights armor should be dark and evil while Paladin armor bright and valorish. Its even worse when it comes to classes that wear robes. One should be able to see an adventuring party and know if they are Qeynos or Freeport aligned players just by looking at them at a distance.

The reason it does not is how the models for the game and the items created to fit every person from a small gnome to a large Troll was done. Again I feel this was a major flaw in design that everyone is now forced to live with and future games should learn from this mistake.

4. Mounts shold be true mounts. In other words they do not disappear in water or when you engage in combat. When you rear up on your horse everyone should be able to see this. One should be able to add armor etc to change the look of your horse.

5. Player created content. Give guilds the ability to create a guild hall or town where all members of the guild can craft, bank, buy and sell items etc. Capes that display guild symbol etc.

6. Crafting system that inhances adventure armor and weapon drops rather then directly competes with them.

I would be very excited to play a MMO that included all these types of things. Of course this has to be in a cool and interesting world to explore and interact with along with great storylines and quests. One MMO I am very excited about that is offering alot of new and innovative things to the genre is Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. I honestly feel that a good MMO game will apeal to people all over the world if its done well and that should be the goal of developers.