SingStar PS3 Almost Done

From the game's "official" IGN blog comes word that SingStar, the PS3's champion unit-shifter in PAL territories, is almost done.

"So what exciting things can I tell you about the game. The SingStore is up and running here in the studio, and we've got hundreds of songs to download, at our fingertips. Finally we can browse through hundreds of songs and download exactly the tunes we want - it's fantastic to have the variety and choice.

We're also starting to think about all the less known songs that we want to put up there. It's all digital now, so space is no longer at a premium. We no longer have to agonize over the perfect 30 songs on the disc and we're looking forward to having some fun with it."

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nice_cuppa4267d ago

the mass of people who were into singstar only play these parlor games and wont spend the big bucks on a ps3 .
it will be the same game but with more stuff and better graphics.

put singstar on the wii as that is the console the singstar fans will get or have got.

Siesser4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

I may not be part of the masses, but I am one of the people who has a PS3 and who LOVES Singstar. Going to play the new Pop release this weekend at my friends', in fact. Whenever anyone goes over there, Singstar inevitably makes an appearance, and whenever people come over here, the Guitar Heroes get broken out. I sing horribly, but when you're with friends, it breaks into pure laughter half-way through the songs anyways. Can't wait for the PS3 version so I can buy what songs I want, and use wireless mics.

And I'm a huge fan of Phoenix. Hope "Everything is Everything" is in the store, as well as anything by Razorlight.

techie4267d ago

Singstar is made by it not?

It'll be great...the brits love it.

HaHa4267d ago

I love this game it's SO much fun. It's always a party at my place with this game around.

kewlkat0074267d ago

I'm sure we have a lot of American( or whatever country) Idol fans on here. Great way to sharpen the skills nevertheless.

This looks like a game Nintendo wii would be interested in. I mean they already have a Wii-Mic ready to go.

omansteveo4267d ago

I wonder how many songs its going to launch with the other 2 didint have enough songs just 30

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The story is too old to be commented.