Metal Gear levelled "third-party playing field" says Kim, was key aim

Microsoft's Shane Kim has said that with the arrival of Metal Gear Solid on Xbox 360 they've achieved "a key part" of their strategy, to eliminate big third-party exclusives.

Content exclusive to platforms is still "really important," that will continue through first-party creations like Project Natal. Microsoft don't want to be "relying on third parties" anymore.

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WildArmed3599d ago

im sorry, but MG:R isnt something to brag about yet.
I dont even know if it'll stay true to the MGS franchise.
its lightening bolt action ..
loved mgs series for their espionage/stealth.
I hope they surprise me.

oh and how on earth do they plan on taking on Sony's first party devs.

either way, just secure some kickass 3rd party exclusives.. and ur good to go.
Can't wait for mass effect 2.. top on my list 4 pc/360 gaming atm :D
even tops crysis 2

Hellsvacancy3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Its Metal Gear Spinoff does that retard Shane Kim not know that?

Hence y its called Metal Gear Risin NOT Metal Gear Solid!!!

hay3599d ago

It's Metal Gear Solid: Rising to be precise but yeah, it's a spin-off. It went multiplat, cool, but as Kojima said, true MGS sequel is Peace Walker so MS achieved pretty much nothing here.

Also it's kinda sad that MS instead of building own army of exclusives are stealing them from Sony. I don't care much about multiplats since I prefer them on PC/PS3 but there are some exclusives worth buying Xbox for. So basically instead of making trading cards for their console, they're stealing it from others.
With all due respect but I think their BS got in their eyes and they hardly see what's important for gamers.

La Chance3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Yeah like FF Versus is a spin off.

It is NOT a real FF game, it wont even have the same combat system that are characteristic of FF games. I mean they're aiming to have a Kingdom Hearts kind of gameplay!! COME ON!! Thats NOT a FF game just a stupid spin off

Hence why its called FF "VERSUS".

See what I did there ?

I for one as a 360 owner am delighted that MSFT are bringing all the best games that they possibly can to the 360 to please their users.

Aint no evil in that.

@Hells below : ok in your opinion and I respect that.
But the ones who actually creating both games agree that FF13 is the REAL sequel in the FF series and its marketed and developed as being the REAL sequel while Versus on the other hand according to its devs themselves is a "spin off" and being marketed as so.
And FF13 doesnt look any "girlier" than previous FF games such as FF8 or FF10 and looks more mature than FF9 for instance so I dont know what youre talking about. Maybe you havn't played an FF yet... ?

Hellsvacancy3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Sorry brother but in my opinion (and i bet aint the only 1) FF-Versus is a TRUE Final Fantasy sequel NOT a spinoff - FF13 looks like a girls game thats y i didnt give a toss that it went multiplat (same goes 4 Mgspinoff) where as Versus looks more hardcore - which suits my likin

YogiBear3599d ago

Final Fantasy games needed an upgrade anyway because turn based sucks.

Why o why3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

sony doesnt have games remember. They only become 'OMG Itz teh sh!tz' when they become 'mee too's. MS was ALWAYS playing catchup when it comes to games and lets not deflect and act like it isnt the main reason we buy consoles in the first place. The reason why most ps fans sh!t on MS fans is because they never give credit where its due. Its always 'ours is better' or 'Itz a movie' until you can have a piece. Its hypocritical to say thge least and in some instances it goes both ways but none the less Sony has more games, more exclusives and the means to produce more whilst MS are playing catchup which is why they have to make a statement about a spinoff. Im not saying its going to suck because i want to buy it but what would YOU rather have MGS4 or 5 or MG sure you'll say the latter, hence my point. 1 thing i do agree with though is that MS are doing good by their fans. I mean who wouldnt want what the kool kids have;)

You dont need to level anything if you're in front....go figure and a multiplatform game is not the same as something that started off as an exclusive like FF13....FF13 versus, Agent, Mgs4...those are different and people need to acknowledge that for real

Imagine if a halo or gears spinoff landed on the ps3. You guys wouldnt be pissed you'd just laugh and tell it like it is...ITS NOT THE REAL THING just a spinoff....product extension maybe like a mars icescream just isnt the same as a good ol mars bar

ultimolu3599d ago

Very true Why o why, very true.

TheBlackSmoke3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

While i dont have any doubt rising will be a good game, Metal gear solid 4 was the final ending to the saga we have been following over the last 10 years. Microsoft can brag all they want about acquiring mgs but the fact remains they showed up after the party when the janitor is sweeping confetti off the floor. Its like bragging about watching Rocky 5 as your first Rocky movie if you get what i mean.

@ la chance

Using FF is a bad example for a comeback because each FF is a self contained game. Each FF game is its own unique experience so its irrelevant if you have played any of the others.

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lloyd_wonder3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Makes sense, but wasn't Agent and FFXIV announced as exclusives? Must not have happened....

StanLee3599d ago

Okay, fanboyism aside, let's be honest here; even if Agent turns out to be a fantastic offering, it will never have the cultural significance and impact the Grand Theft Auto franchise has had. Grand Theft Auto IV's simultaneous multiplatform launch validated Microsoft as a real player in the console gaming market and legitimized it's console. Secondly, FFXIV is an MMO similar to FFXI and Square Enix has confirmed that they're considering other platforms for the title. Let's break it down; if it's announced for the PC and PS3, what other platforms could they possibly be considering? Finally, Metal Gear Solid Rising is a Metal Gear game being made by the production company spearheaded by the game's creator and bears his name. Trust that he will be actively involved in directing the game's story, crafting the game's characters and world and ensuring it meets the quality of a product being created by HIS company. I know fanboys would like to tell themselves otherwise but this is a FACT. I really wish common sense could prevail over rampant fanboyism.