The Rumor Mill: Episode 1 - WoW for 360

There are some rumors flying around about a World of Warcraft game hitting our next gen consoles some time in 2008. It is also rumored to be an entirely different game than the current versions made solely for the consoles titled World of Warcraft: Azeroth Adventures. That means this game will not be a PC port of Burning Crusades or the original and will be made from the ground up to utilize a controller as the main input. Think of the potential of having Azeroth played in HD, on your flat screen, in 5.1 surround sound over Xbox Live. This would fit in nicely with the newly developed and imminently launching keyboard input device.

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Bigmac5734262d ago

It's not going to happen.

candystop4262d ago

Keep dreaming my azz! 360 is pumping in games left and right so this wouldn't be surprising at all!

Anego Montoya FTMFW4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

what games is the 360 pumpin out left and right.?

don`t say gears, halo or mass effect.(two aren`t out yet)

just curious.

Thanks for the numbers.
i don`t know why 360 owners think they got so much comin out.

techie4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

"there are some rumors flying around about a World of Warcraft game hitting our next gen consoles some time in 2008"

ps. Approx 360 exclusives listed = 47

Approx ps3 exclusives listed = 60

Both can change, many will turn into multiplatoform, but it's a misconception to believe the 360 magically has more. Oh and Sony have 150 games in development...

TheXgamerLive4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

There aren't 60 exclusives for the PS3 this year and you know it.

Show proof if there is, there aren't and some of what you've shown in the pst aren't even ps3 only games such as LA NOIRE.
In fact, the ps3 wont see 60 games released this total, whether ports, multiplat, or exclusive period.

Remember everyone, don't lie or just make up stuff. factual or it's not counted.

techie4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

LOL. I've researched it a hell of a lot more than you mate. I ain't lying. You wait until E3 and you'll find out. L.A. Noire is still listed as a ps3 exclusive. Oh and I meant titles we know about...not this year, my bad :)

Won't have 60 games out this year? I'll think you'll find they'll be nearing 150 games this year. That was a bit short sighted of you. PS3 has more exclusives. Sorry.

Anerythristic264262d ago

You are really becoming a blatant troll. Do you own a 360 ? It is obvious to every real gamer that the 360 has more support from developers at this point. I can guarantee your "research" consisted of lurking some forum. Just like every single console generation before the PS3 is getting 3rd place console support , until the sales change it will continue to receive 3rd place developer support. If it was the Wii or the 360 in 3rd place they would also rec the same support.

It's not an honor for a developer to have thier game on a Playstation console , everybody that believes that should wake up.

hamburgerhill4262d ago

The 360 has pumped out plenty of games you moron! Look at the amount of games they have released already and starting next month they will have game every month! I love how you PS3 brainwashed drones try and neglect the obvious!

VirtualGamer4262d ago

Hey Anerythristic26 what does owning a 360 have to do with knowing how many games are in development for the PS3? Where is your research or proof that what your saying is correct? Perhaps if you took time to find information to show someone they are wrong rather then attacking them and insulting them they might take you more seriously.

When it comes to first party support Sony owns more studios then MS and Nintendo combined. They may be having third part developers at this point deciding to make their game for both the PS3 and the 360 but that certainly does not mean they have lost any games or support then they had previously. In fact some developers who have only in the past developed for the Xbox and Xbox 360 (Tecmo)have decided to make games for the PS3 this time around. I guess that kind of blows your whole theroy of it not being a honor for developers to make a game for the PS3.

Yosuke Hayashi - It’s really about, at the end of the day, showing what we can do as developers. Nobody is forcing us, nobody is saying, “You have to develop for the PS3.” We’re doing it because we want to, and because we know that there are people out there who have PS3s, and if we can get them to play our game then our goal is accomplished. We’d like to have Ninja Gaiden Sigma not only be a great game for the consumer but also as a message to the industry, to say, “Look, this can be done in 2007 on this hardware.” Hopefully, that can throw out a beacon for the rest of the industry.

BrainDead4262d ago

all the people who just got defensive on deepbrown must be unsure on somthing maybe that you have just bought a 360?

Rockstar4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

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Rooted_Dust4262d ago

With the 2+ year old MMO's.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4262d ago

i not w/ these 2 year old ports.

i want something original.

kewlkat0074262d ago

about this one, but gamers, PC + Xbox 360 are almost one so why couldn't this game be on there?( not that it will) I still take rumors witha grain of salt but PC = Xbox360 to a certain degree so it's kinda stupid to say "NEVER"

I think Blizzard killed or at least responded to this a while back.

Laka4262d ago

Well, if I have to scrape out 10 bucks a month for this kind of game, that would be suck. It should be free when you already paid for the game and a 50 bucks anually. If it's free, I'm all for it.

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