Blizzard Discusses the State of PvP

One thread over at the forums sparked quite a discussion when it asked what the problem was with World of Warcraft PvP. It's a pretty good question and definitely not something with a simple answer, but Ghostcrawler took up the task and addressed several issues in his usual forthcoming fashion. In a nutshell, Blizzard views the following issues as the primary problems of PvP.

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Xwow20083600d ago

fix the twinks problem in early lvls, its making pvp for newcomers very hard and not fun.
they should now allow white weapons( the ones u trade for emblem of heroism)2 be used in pvp from lv 1-59.

Xwow20083600d ago

they should NOT let white weapons.

Gun_Senshi3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

WoW PvP: Epix Armor make you win.

game is retarded itemization. you cannot achive balance unless you make everyone same armor be it someone who started and someone who is high rank pvp have same armor so skill will determinate wins not epixs

Baka-akaB3600d ago

I disagree about giving everyone the same items . WoW is way too retarded with items , but there is little interest without armor upgrade of collectibles .

Besides if you want pure skill based stuff , fps are there for a reason . And i'm of the opinion that low and high levels shouldnt meet in pvp unless they absolutely want it (hell i'd even only give that choice to low levels to avoid griefs)

They just needed to make item stats far less importants , and various levels of armor more accessibles in both pvp and pve .

Raid armors just not be the end of all gears , since not everyone want to raid .

I short , a good , and far better ratio is needed between skills and equipement .

Baka-akaB3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

what are the probs ?

They listened to morons during early beta stages , and from a game whose theme was always WAR , it became a pve haven with the occasional squirmish at the borders , or instanced pvp .

The classes have always been broken and while they patch a lot they never fixed anything . You can't even tell if their balance ever had any focus . At some point it seems pve focused , others one vs one , some other times , team vs team based ...

You can't that easily balance a character for both RvR pvp and 1V1 pvp . The meat of RVR is making each class weak enough so they need to depends on each other to beat an opposing army . And theorically the better skilled one wins .
While arena and 1V1 balances tries like a fighting game to allow each classes to be able to beat each other one .

Those two philosophies are too contrary imo . What's the point of trying to balance RvR when you make your healer able to kill most offensive based magicians ?

They made their pvp a grind for armor points fest , and it never have lasting consequences , hell no consequences at all , with lifeless army leaders sitting aimlessly on their throne , outside of a few new story quest from the latest addons , and with no actual fight for territories .