Team Fortress 2 cross platform play is done

Doug Lombardi of Valve has told IGN that PC and Xbox 360 gamers could well be playing against each other when Team Fortress 2 is released for both platforms later this year. "Technically it's done," said Lombardi, although it's not 100% definite that cross-platform play will be included in the final game.

It looks highly unlikely that cross-platform will be possible for PlayStation 3 players though.

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zonetrooper54260d ago

I'm getting this game for the PC anyways, i own all my friends on Xbox live :P

eques judicii4260d ago

don't be so sure... engineers don't really need to aim... and the spy and the scout both don't require precision aiming to be successful

General4260d ago

Lol yeah, love the Spy on Team fortress Classic, I like disguising as the enemy and just stabbing people when their back is turned.

kewlkat0074260d ago

PC Gamers are gonna PWN console gamers in FPS.(something about the precision of a mouse) Ya know, this is something os a break-through, has it ever been done before?

Was phantasy Start Cross-Platform on the Dreamcast?

PSN Starfleets4260d ago

I cant believe another PS3 title's online gameplay is still under confusion and what not.

Lex Luthor4260d ago

People spend $600/425 pounds on the PS3 and they cant even play against PC owners like the 360 can. What a waste.

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The story is too old to be commented.