PSU: Ghostbusters: The Video Game Review

"We hate to say it, but we're nowhere near as excited now that we've finished Ghostbusters: The Video Game as we were prior to its release. Inevitably, taking on such an iconic brand as Ghostbusters comes with huge expectation, and when they're not achieved we're bound to feel a little despondent. That's exactly the case with Ghostbusters: The Video Game. It's good, but it's not as brilliant as we thought it would be. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of positives to tell you about, and overall it's a game that deserves attention, particularly if you're a fan of the movies. If that is the case, then you'll certainly get a kick out of joining the familiar figures of Spengler, Stantz, Zeddmore and Venkmann on their ghost-busting antics, as you chase Slimers through hotel corridors and dash across Times Square to escape the towering figure of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man."

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slave2Dcontroller3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I just bought the PS3 version earlier tonight. I was never expecting a miracle from GB but from what I've played thus far its pretty cool. The writing and voice acting are ace and the visuals are crisp and colorful.

Any PS3 owners interested in buying this game but have doubts due to the Lense Of Truth comparison, fear not. The game looks MUCH better in person and is NOT washed out as it appears on the LOT vid.

If you are using HDMI you will get the same quality seen in the 360 version. Apparently Lense Of Truth were using component cables and NOT an HDMI while they were playing the PS3 version which IS why there was an obvious difference.