Nvidia shows off revolutionary Tegra computer on a chip @Computex 09

Nvidia shows of the newest iteration of it's Tegra platform at Computex 2009. It is an absolutely ground breaking platform, made up of 8 different processors, while being the size of a stick of chewing gum.

Tegra - World's Smallest Computer-on-a-chip:

Tegra - 8 Independent Processors:

Tegra - Days of Battery Life

Tegra - Proves Intel wrong - 1080p performance demonstration:

Tegra - Overview by Michael Rayfield - Tegra laptops and devices:

Tegra - What's Next?
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Freeze9523596d ago

Maybe 4 x AMD opteron might get a little easier.... And maybe we can have quadruple sli!!

FragMnTagM3595d ago

It is very impressive tech for what they are aiming for.

25 days of music playback is insane.

So is 10 hours of HD video @1080p.

CWMR3596d ago

-And that's powering the Zune HD? Holy sh*t!

Millah3596d ago

I wonder how much its going to cost...I doubt it will be cheap.

Kakkoii3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Well the actual Tegra chip is quite small, which is what decides the majority of a chip's manufacture cost. The more of them you can fit on a wafer, the cheaper they are. I would estimate under $35 dollar manufacture cost per chip.

The rest of the stuff on the PCB is pretty cheap, other than the 2 dense RAM chips that allow it such small form factor.

Millah3596d ago

Nvidia isn't going to charge only their manufacturing costs, the majority of the cost comes from R&D, especially on a breakthrough new product design like this.

Couple that with other technology in the ZuneHD like the OLED display, and its not sounding like something thats going to be cheap.

Kakkoii3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I realize that, but If you compare it's chip size to that of say a GTX 260, it's less then 1/6 the size. So that's more than 6x as many chips per wafer. And the manufacturing cost is the bottom line, it's easily calculable so you can then extrapolate an average price range for the chip based on a companies general profit margins. GeForce chips take a ton of R&D cost also. That's why comparing chip size is a good way of guessing a price range. As it's the only real exact thing.

The OLED screen is sadly a low resolution, so it's not going to cost too much. A mere 480x272 :(.

Millah3596d ago

Yea I know what you're saying in regards to chip size. I'm not saying this things going to cost 600 dollars, I'm just saying its probably going to be in the 300 dollar range for the base model, slightly more than an iPod Touch.

Ju3595d ago

That Michael guy in the 4th video mentioned these netbooks will cost between $100 and $200. This is an awesome price!

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Sarick3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

When you buy a netbook or laptop computer that it's basically a shell like current destop cases where you replace just the motherboards. A time where upgrading is as simple as installing a new set of ram in a laptop.

You buy a $200 laptop and decide you want more ram. you simply find whats compatible and replace it. Same thing here. You want new features for your laptop or netbook but don't want to buy the computer case? Just replace the motherboard or these chips for less then $50. It'd basically allow anything to be an upgradable computer.

Amazing stuff.

dappaute3596d ago

yea but can it run crysis

Ninjamonkey3596d ago


ok seriously sounds pretty coo. Im all for smaller tech as it allows mobile devices to get smaller and better looking.

likedamaster3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

"yea but can it run crysis"

Ultimately, the bottom line. LOL.

+Bubbles. You made me laugh.