Signs point to Saints Row 2

THQ has told Eurogamer that a sequel for Saints Row is yet to be confirmed or announced.

It was speaking in the aftermath of a press release from Double Fusion - which was revealing a new in-game advertising deal with THQ - that seemingly pointed to the existence of a follow-up game.

"The agreement grants Double Fusion advertising representation across certain platforms for several of THQ's highly anticipated titles," the press release stated. "The roster includes games based on the Juiced, MX vs ATV, Stuntman and Saints Row franchises."

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zonetrooper54262d ago

I did like Saints Row, its a good game. Hopefully there is a sequel to the first game, i won't tell you the ending to the first Saints Row as you may of not completed it.

omansteveo4262d ago

Good thing bc there are PS3ers still waiting til august to play this

BubblesDAVERAGE4262d ago

Saints Row for ps3 will come out in june and saints row 2 will be on ps3. I know at least 10 people who held out on a 360 who wanted that game and are now getting it on ps3.

sovietsoldier4262d ago

so? saints row is good but gta is better, its just filler till it comes out!

omansteveo4262d ago

Then they are dumb bc they could played last summer and saved themselves 300 bucks

Havince4262d ago

good story good ending. and multiplayer was brill ONCE the lag was sorted. ill welcome a 2nd one. and yeah by the time its released id say itl be a 360/PS3 simultaneous release date

Covenant4262d ago

For a GTA clone, this one was pretty good--certainly better than True Crime or any of the other half-baked urban action games that have sprung up in the past few years.

For the sequel: Keep the humor, expand the story, and make the sandbox environment even more malleable...think Crackdown, and the ability to do darn near anything.