Memories: Silent Hill

Gamer Limit writes "Do you hear the radio static? It's getting louder and louder as you walk forward. Your flashlight illuminates the room, but you still feel uncomfortable about your surroundings. Whispers and footsteps surround you, but no one is there. The building then starts to decompose. Monsters start to appear and the music gets louder, making you run for your life; you try to exit the building as soon as possible. You exit the building, but the thick fog limits your vision, making you feel uneasy."

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JQ3593d ago

Silent Hill creeped the hell out of me. I never played it, but I watched a few friends play through 2 and 3, and it always made me feel uncomfortable.

jessfams3593d ago

This was a nice overview! I never played Silent Hill either just because it scared me too much. I've seen the nurses and Pyramid Head and knew right away I wouldn't be able to sleep if I played it. haha I'm a wimp. :( I guess I'll just blame it on my overly active imagination.

chrisjc3593d ago

Silent Hill 1 was one of the best games ever made: period. 2 was technically a "better" game, but 1 was just utterly revolutionary.