Dragon Age: Origins System Specs Announced

Looking to get the latest Bioware RPG on your PC? The company has announced the system specs for the game so you know exactly what you need to play it...

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Tony P3595d ago

20GB of space, wow. Even ME was only like 12GB.

This is going to be massive and awesome.

EvilC3595d ago

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4Ghz Processor or equivalent
RAM: 4 GB (Vista) or 2 GB (XP)
Video: ATI 3850 512 MB or greater
NVIDIA 8800GTS 512 MB or greater
DVD ROM (Physical copy)
20 GB HD space

OMFG 4GB ram and 20GB HD

catastrophee3595d ago

the highest recommended settings i've seen in a long time
glad i JUST meet them..... 4gb ram.. 8800gts..

didnt think i would have to upgrade my pc so soon but looks like i might have to if all new games push this

iamtehpwn3595d ago

the title's originality is stunning.

TheIneffableBob3595d ago

Recommended is probably high settings at 30 FPS. The game should be perfectly playable and look great with those specs. But it wouldn't hurt to upgrade, especially since computer hardware is so cheap right now.

kevnb3595d ago

ghostbusters actually has more demanding specs, lol... although I think Ghostbusters on pc is more or less a poorly done port.

ChampIDC3595d ago

Indeed, code optimization is an important part of games. High system requirements don't mean better graphics necessarily. The fact that consoles get better graphics over time with the same hardware is a testament to this.

mistajeff3595d ago

20 gigs? jeebus. must still be stuck on that unreal 3 (turok anyone?).

seriously though, does this game use unreal 3 like mass effect? i really really hope not, i hate the unreal 3, i still don't understand how it has texture streaming issues when reading from a HD. even unreal tournament 3 on the lowest settings has issues streaming textures, and you'd think epic would be able to use their own engine the best.

Phaqutomb3595d ago

i want this game but i got a hp slim line. any one know of a good low profile video card i can get for this?

Tony P3595d ago

@mistajeff: Not Unreal, Bioware's self-made Eclipse engine.

mistajeff3595d ago

thanks, Tonyp.

WHHEEEEEWWWW *wipes forehead*

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Nihilism3595d ago

man the minimum specs are weak, i haven't seen 128mb video card (minimum) spec since like doom 3 lol, 4 gig seems strange for a ram recommendation , sacred 2 took up 20gig of space and that was a huge rpg....strange specs though

mistajeff3595d ago

i think (not sure) that left 4 dead only required 128

greenmeanie3595d ago

Might just be better to get the console version!

kevnb3595d ago

no way, this is a pc game that will have a weak port to the consoles. Play mass effect on xbox 360 and compare it to the pc version, I think the difference will be even greater for this game as it was made for pc then forced to be ported to consoles by ea... its all about money these days, heck even command and conquer games get some shoddy console ports (baffles me). In the old days pc games werent really possible to be ported to console, nowadays its possible (although the quality drops by a huge margin).

Charlie26883595d ago

I hope they got the unpacking size confused with the final installation size cuz if its true for the full 20GBs then I don't want to know what is the unpacking space required and how long its gonna take to install :S