Despite 'Gay Tony,' Gay 360 Gamertags Still Banned

This fall, Rockstar will release the second exclusive Grand Theft Auto 4 downloadable episode: The Ballad of Gay Tony. But even though this game will be available only through Xbox Live, and it has the word "gay" real big there in the title, Microsoft still isn't changing their policy of not allowing XBL users to identify their sexual orientation in their Gamertags or profiles.

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USMCj4980d ago

I am all about some equal rights.

But, if you were infact gay I don't think XBL would be the place to shout it.

Headshot814979d ago (Edited 4979d ago )

should fit right in with all the other gay(happy) exclusives available on Xbox360.

Shadowstar4979d ago (Edited 4979d ago )

But gay people should be able to find each other to play against if they want. And if it's not a safe place now-- which, yeah, I've heard it's not-- it should be. I mean, if you couldn't say you were an awesome black gamer who wanted to meet other awesome black gamers because you might have similar experiences, or a gamer from Canada who was hoping to talk politics while gaming (yeah, dumb examples but whatever), that'd be dumb, too. I mean, obviously MS can do what they want, but... seems stupid.

menoyou4979d ago

Cry babies just want to force their acceptance onto everyone in every medium imaginable. This one of the few things I like that Microsoft has done recently, and Windows 7.

Philip J Fry4979d ago

I see gay gamertags all the time on Xbox Live. Anything with xX at the beginning or end and MLG anywhere in it is gay as hell.

theKiller4979d ago (Edited 4979d ago )

damn, always anything associated with USA u would see some gay movements!!! u cant live in peace without someone forcing their dirty way of life on others!!!! and all those gay comedy movies try to justify being a gay and tries to make it looks cool!!! this is called social engineering where the governments tries to change the habits and ways of perceiving things!!! for example Adam Sandler or other jewish comedy actors which tries to force the idea being gay is ok!!

am glad am not a 360 owner!!! however am also glad MS didnt allow gaytags!!! its just so dirty!!! sick people should not be allowed to teach us their sicknesses!!! they should at least keep it for them selfs!!!!

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mrv3214980d ago

Well let's remember the true definition of the word which is happy.

So GayGamer is hardly offensive.

Also one thing I hate is Americans changing the english language and then protesting it's the right one.

Sorry it's very late at night and I need a rant... all be it a short one

KKanjiAnkh4980d ago

I'm American, and I have to agree, especially talking to cultures, to me it's a huge sign of disrespect.

mrv3214980d ago

I don't mind them having their own language that's fine, they evolved differently since they choose to take no part in anything which won't help them economy wise... please note WW1 and 2 and even then they where provoked from the Zimmerman telegram and the obvious pealr Harbour.

So yeah, it's not the fact they are different that bothers me, it's the fact the pretend to be original.

Let's see...

Britain invented the PC (a decent argument could me made for ze germans inventing it)but now America is quite dominant.

Britain invented the jet but now it's American airline which benefit from it, and american companies.

Forrest Gump4980d ago

If you're dissatisfied with your Xbox Live experience then switch over to the Playstation Network,simple solution to your 'complex' problem :|

GiantEnemyCrab4980d ago

I am actually happier that people don't flaunt their sexual preference on my video game service. Why would I give up the features of XBL and go and buy a whole new console because I want to write "gay" in my gamertag?

I would think will all the practice you do daily being a Sony PR rep you would be better at it.

But to your credit you are a really gifted troll Queefy.

Eiffel4979d ago

Why switch when you can have both. Both my PS3 and 360 get a long great.

Immortal Kaim4979d ago

I agree with Crab. Your sexual preference has no place in gamertags or whatever, plus the ones with 'Gay' in their GT are just taking the p*ss.

menoyou4979d ago

This is one policy I would like Sony to adopt from Microsoft but to be honest everyone on PSN is pretty mature and I have yet to see any gross gay people flaunting their lifestyle on it thank heavens. Probably just the 14 year old gays on Xbox Live who do it and want the world to know.

kaveti66164979d ago

Dude, what is your f*cking deal? Why do you refer to gay people as "those gross gays." Stop being a homophobe.

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MGOelite4980d ago

just wondering does xbl let you tell people that your hetrosexual?

DJ4979d ago

It does, despite what Microsoft claims.

4980d ago
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