Guinness World Records to produce videogame edition passes along the news that Guinness World Records has announced plans to launch a new videogame edition of the famous annual book, featuring a wide range of game-related achievements and information.

It will include reviews of the 20 biggest games of the year, record scores and fastest times, hardware profiles, sales figures and technical achievements made by individual games.

The book will also answer questions such as which pro gamers earn the most money, what is the single highest score ever achieved in a game and which is the most successful games console of all time.

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ben hates you4299d ago

halo would have fastest selling game 2.8 mil 1st month
gta might have highest selling game
gears would have a something
i must get that book it will be good

The BS Police4299d ago

1. Fastest selling game of alltime.

2. Most hours logged in on an online console game.

3. Best media opening day.

Raziel McGee4299d ago

How far back they will go with the records. Back to the hey day of pac man, atari 2600 maybe. I think that would be great to include all systems.

r10004299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

yea basically...

I like the above poster living in his own world talking about Halo and Gears, games that were just introduced to the gaming world in the last 5-6 years as if thats when games started..

Mario would own...

Even Pokeman is bigger the both Halo and Gears as of know...

take a look

Retard4299d ago

They'll need a weekly issue, this industry moves too fast for books.

kewlkat0074299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

Sale records don't happen over night. IF they wanna go way back then games that have been out 5-6 years have along way to go. Now acheivment records and stuff like that would have to be updated under the Xbox section. Like some guy wiht nothing better to do, playing video games for a whole year and sh!t like that.

These days games will have will break records in a short-run when they first come out, because they have more of a hype that builds around them, but over time, well who can argue Mario. Everybody and their mama had a copy, I had like 5 copies somehow(don't ask me how I ended up with).

Pokemon kept Nintendo afloat when SONY came on the scene. N64/Gamecube didn't do that much to disturb the onslaught.
I think they have Pokemon 16 million different colors now. Japanese developers sure know how to milk the COW.