PS2 Gets Rated Most Playable Game Console For April 09

The Extortionist at E4G writes "Ratings guru Nielsen, which has a fledgling gaming popularity/ratings service now, has published its final statistics for April 2009. The shocking conclusion: The most popular game console - based on minutes spent playing during the course of the month - is none of the current consoles but rather Sony's venerable PlayStation 2. That's a real testament to the phenomenal staying power of the little black system, with 21.6 percent of all gaming minutes during the month spent playing it."

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mrv3213596d ago

Ha, this is stupid this is the world, and who cares if the world is more accurate it's the US that matters.

This is good news and the PS2 may just be one of the longest running gaming system... ever.

Blaze9293589d ago

duh? Millions of PS2 owners still havent made the jump till next-gen yet. That and even more just became brand new ps2 owners.

eagle213596d ago

PS2 is unstoppable. :p

Pootangpie3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

the only reason it's still alive is because sony keeps wanting Shovelware to be made for it and the fact that it has nothing but PSP ports mrv321 your wrong dead wrong Atari 2600 lasted until 1992 and it came out sometime in the 70's there is absoultly no way the PS2 is going to beat it because it's already running out of steam and it hasn't even been 10 years yet

LittleBigSackBoy3596d ago

there you go again, bashing sony...

mrv3213596d ago

Oh ok, in no small way did the BIG video game crash have anything to do with it.

The PS2 sold 3.75 the number of the Atari, and let's face third and second world companies gave most of the consoles support.

glennc3596d ago

agreed. MS are lucky to have any customers after their treatment of their first generation owners.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3596d ago

The greatest game console ever created. I have my old ps2 standing boldly on the shelf gazing down at it's successor... shining in the light of the golden sun, as if to say "Make me proud". And as i pick up my DS3 and press the psbutton, the ps3 turns on and boots up KZ2 as if to say, "Watch me".

Overly dramatic?

glennc3596d ago

that must be why sony had a class action law suit against them for there faulty optical drives. this is only marginally more acceptable than MS and their dumbass 360.

and yes, a little too dramatic.

dkblackhawk3596d ago

couldn't have said it better myself.

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The story is too old to be commented.