God of War Countdown Ends - link to website.

The mysterious website "The City of Rhodes" which has Kratos looming over a countdown is now open...well at least for those where midnight has passed.

What is waiting on this site? God of War for the PSP? God of War the movie? A trailer for God of War 3?

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swordmasterphoen4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

Well, this is not much news. I mean I know it's open, but I can't get pass the damn validation. I enter the date, and it keeps giving me a "MAC Validation Failed" error.

UPDATE: Well, suddenly it got passed the validation...and I entered the same old site, with the same old counter. Now it's up to 1 day again. Don't get it. If you know, you could at least mention what it's inside the website.

techie4265d ago

you use a mac? works for me :)

swordmasterphoen4265d ago

Nope, good ol windows here. On XP. I tried on both MS Explorer and on Firefox. Both give me the same error.

n4g sucks4265d ago

its a bunch of developer commentary for i can go to sleep....the videos wont connect, oh well