Remembering the Orphan: Final Fantasy VIII

Is there any videogame out there that's more in need of a critical reevaluation than Final Fantasy VIII? Despite strong sales when it first released in 1999, the game is considered only a minor entry on both sides of the Pacific. Most reviews in the US were only mildly positive and bemoaned that the iconic characters of Final Fantasy VII had been replaced with a group of sensitive teenagers, while a 2006 poll in
Japanese gaming bible Famitsu revealed that Final Fantasy VIII was only the sixth most popular installment of the series. More grudgingly liked than truly loved, it's the red-headed stepchild of the franchise. And that's a shame, because upon closer inspection, the game is an excellent work of entertainment that occasionally aspires to becoming art.

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specialguest3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Visually wise, FF8 was a breathe of fresh air compared to the dark and gritty atmosphere of FF6 and 7. Squall reminded me of myself during that time, with the internal struggles within himself. I currently rank FF8 as my 3rd favorite FF game.

I declare msyelf the official FF8 defender. Now who want's to fight?!?
huh!? you want some? what!? what!?

(please don't hurt me...)

4pocalyps33597d ago

yeah ff8 is my third best as well. i think squall is heavily underrated in my opinion. he could whoop clouds sorry ass any day lol. but don't get me wrong, my top 3 are ff9, ff7 and then ff8. ahhh good times...when square were pulling amazing games outta their asses.